5 Roomscale VR Games in 5 Mins (Mansion NOT Included)


Go scratch that ROOMSCALE itch. Once you’ve tried this in VR even once, this list will help you get that much needed fix.

1 Eye of the Temple: First Steps (FREE, Steam)
| Indiana Jones puzzle game. Slow-paced, methodical roomscale.

2 Unseen Diplomacy ($2.99 USD, Steam)
| You are a spy. Get on your hands and knees and crawl, bitch!

3 TraVRsal (FREE, App Lab)
| Random collection of roomscale games.

4 Tea For God (FREE, SideQuest)
| Weird ass future sci-fi claustrophobia and vertigo triggering.

5 Custom Home Mapper ($7.99 USD, SQ/Itch)
| Most dangerous app. Write your own guardian, house/room turns into space.

* Space Pirate Trainer DX: Arena (FREE, DLC for Space Pirate Trainer, which is currently $14.99 USD)
| 1v1 battles in an immersive, warehouse scale (10x10m) laser tag experience.

*SPA will be launching for SPT owners on Sept 9th, 2021

00:00 Intro
00:18 Eye of the Temple
00:53 Unseen Diplomacy
01:42 TraVRsal
02:15 Tea For God
03:09 Custom Home Mapper
04:38 Prices & Where To Get
05:16 Outro

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5 thoughts on “5 Roomscale VR Games in 5 Mins (Mansion NOT Included)”

  1. 1. Convince the youth group of your Church/Temple/Mosque to have a "VR Game Night"
    2. Get your friends together to pitch in on a large storage unit.
    3. Move to the country, buy a house with a lot of land and build a "VR House."

  2. TraVRsal is also non-Euclidean, btw. You neglected to mention that. 😉 Also, it, Tea for God, and Eye of the Temple all can be used with smaller spaces as well as they try to adapt to your playspace within reason. Other than that, nice list of roomscale titles. I haven't tried Custom Home Mapper or Unseen Diplomacy; the other three, though, are excellent.


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