VR GOTY Contenders, Captain Toonhead Impressions & A Township Tale Review – VR Gamescast


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– NEWS –
– New VR games: Shadowgate VR, End Effectors, Jurassic Snap, Space Pirate Trainer DX
– Until You Fall will get DLC when the market is right

– VR GOTY contenders so far

– I Expect You To Die 2 Review
– A Township Tale Review


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10 thoughts on “VR GOTY Contenders, Captain Toonhead Impressions & A Township Tale Review – VR Gamescast”

  1. My problem with Until you Fall is that they got great mechanics for melee fighting as QTEs and a vibrant fantasy world in visuals and music, but then there's really no exploration or level design – you just move forward through rows after rows of enemies. It's actually a Beat Saber clone in which you go to the boxes to engage in rhythmic action, not a rogue-lite with actual dungeons.

    My VR GOTY is either Warplanes on Quest or Arashi on psvr. Should be Hitman 3, but the ds4 tracking is too feeble…

  2. I bought Space Pirate Trainer straightaway as soon as they announced that the Arena would be part of it. I'm SO HYPED about this game… trying to figure out where I can find 10m x 10m available


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