Sniper Elite VR | Oculus Quest Game Review


Sniper Elite VR is here for the Oculus Quest! Yes, it wasn’t ‘HERE’ two days ago, since it hadn’t been released 😉 Beware of click-baiters, dear viewers! Beware! Doc gives it a review, and he’s quite impressed!

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48 thoughts on “Sniper Elite VR | Oculus Quest Game Review”

  1. Playing on PSVR with the aim controller. After some camera adjustments it’s fun. The PSVR technology isn’t fantastic relying on a single external camera to track an illuminated orb or two (move controllers).
    I’m tempted to invest in Oculus Quest 2 for the cable-free inside out (camera free) tracking.

  2. Never played any of the sniper elite games, but i'm interested in any WWII VR games, and the results.. are mixed to say the least… from Medal of Honor endless loading times and it sometimes clunky controls, to the great, albeit (mostly) online only pavlov vr WWII update, this one is a mixed bag: On one side we have a great storyline of a partisan sniper going againts the axis, but on the other side… controls…. from not supporting gunstocks, to the offset of the hands (which has been patched but it's still clunky)… although the use of the 'gravity hands' is a great idea lifted from halflife alyx… But overall.. it's a great game!

  3. I left a huge review of this over on the quest store! I’m literally blown away by how amazing this game is and just how amazing it looks considering it’s running on a standalone device.

  4. Never been into it. Played it for 5 mins on console. I'll give VR a go. £16.09. after you use the current offer with code oculus30. I only buy sale games. Same with pcvr, only Boneworks I've ever paid full price for. Worth it lol. Game so much fun.

  5. Hell yes! I bought the game before this review almost thinking I would return it if it leaned towards some of the more negative reviews I saw in the last few days. But having tried it and liked it I was wondering if it was just me, or was the game actually pretty damned great. Glad to see I’m not the only one who is impressed and happy with my purchase!

  6. I might have to play this game in left handed mode, it drives me nuts that VR games haven't figured a way to make bolt action rifles usable with the right hand if you're right handed. In real life you was hold the rifle into your shoulder with the left hand and reload/cock the rifle with the right hand and return to the grip/trigger.

  7. My favorite was Sniper Elite 2, mostly because it was the only one that I had. But it was pretty fun, and the x-ray screen everytime that you landed a shot was pretty brutal but it added a lot of charm to managing to land a shot from quite a long distance.

    I would like to try this one just so I won't have to press a key to "hold my breath". That felt a little annoying to be honest.

  8. Sniper elite 4 was what got me into the series, I loved the sniping mechanics that no other sniper game really had. It also had a ww2 theme so its a win-win. Cannot wait to try the vr version.
    (also I forgot kill cams because of the brutal mortal-kombat kill style)

  9. Sniper Elite v2 was my favourite, I remember playing the original game way back in the day and thinking, yeah this could be amazing if they fixed some stuff, then v2 came out and had fixed just about every issue with the original game, while also adding to it in a bunch of ways. Still one of my favourite shooters to this day, I'm pretty keen for SEVR!

  10. I bought this on quest but played the rift version with revive on my Reverb G2. The controls were awful. No matter what I did the gun was shaking all over the place, even when holding breath. Reloading was a huge chore. It was hard to even pull back the slide and then grab the gun again. It seems to just randomly grab whichever spot it feels like grabbing. And half the time it would just drop the gun on the ground while doing it.

    I refunded but never actually tried it on the quest 2 because I was so annoyed. Now I watch these reviews and they are all giving it great scores. Makes me wonder if the Quest 2 maybe has better controls than the PC version has or if the reviewers are shilling a little bit. Ive all but stopped watching beardobanjo and a few others for their reviews as they are always "great game".

  11. Great review, in-depth as always. I've had a lot of fun with Sniper Elite 4, first game I played in the series. Loved the Italian setting, glad to see it's making a return. Would love to experience this in VR.

  12. My favorite game in the series is Sniper Elite V2 for one very simple reason. It is what made my fiancee get into gaming and shooters in specific so it will always hold a special place in my heart!

  13. I have enjoyed most of the Sniper Elite games, though I am probably most fond of the Zombie Army spinoffs. Duels against the zombie snipers who leap from rooftop to rooftop are fun. And of course the classic bullet-time kill cam never gets old

  14. My favorite of the Sniper Elite games is going to have to be this one, as I’ve never had the opportunity to play Sniper Elite before! I know, it’s a travesty that must be corrected! I marked the release date on my calendar when it was announced, but last night my account went into overdraft so I can’t buy anything right now, much less this. I’ve watched every bit of footage I can get my hands on, and thanks to 6DOF for the excellent review! Can’t wait to play it!

  15. Was addicted to Sniper Elite V2 on xbox 360 for a couple years. The no-cross multiplayer maps were what was so addicting. The maps were very well designed to have a couple good counter points to every good spot on the other side.

  16. Simply I played them all .. and thought the series gained more reputation and got many new features but I still in love with the second release SNIPER ELITE V2 and the remastered one .. the vr version still didn't try on my oculus quest 2


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