Cubism, Rock Paper Scissors and VR Workout Hand Tracking Demo Games for Oculus Quest – SideQuest


We take a look at three new the Oculus Quest hand tracking demos you can sideload onto your quest via the SideQuest store. One demo game simply called Rock Paper Scissors Championship lets you play RPS in VR, which just about sums it up. The second game, VR Workout, has you punching, ducking and weaving to the music. The final game demo, Cubism, is a puzzle game where you have to manipulate blocks to fit completely inside a shape, it’s challenging but a lot of fun!

Overall, these are great little demos to let you sample the hand tracking features of the quest and well worth a go. Cubism is perhaps the best demo by far in it’s gameplay and demonstration of hand tracking. Hand tracking works well on the quest even at this early stage. These demos are totally free so if you enjoy them, consider donating to SideQuest and the authors of these titles so we can see more of these things in the future.

The link below will take you to a good tutorial on sideloading.

You can get SideQuest from here:

Intro/Outro music “Dreams” from:


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  1. Thanks for the review of VRWorkout. I did not realize that the head cues looked like horseshoes but now that you said it, it makes sense that it is misleading. They should look somewhat like a stylized head but empty to not occlude the view. They are supposed ti be hit with the head to drive the upper bidy movement. The current version shows a symbol in what position the player should be. Pushup is meant to be in the pushup or plank position, also hitting the head cues with the head and the hand cuea with the hand. This is a core strengthening exercise.


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