No Man's Sky VR Review – Ians VR Corner (No Man's Sky PSVR gameplay)


After spending 6 blurry hours bumbling around the galaxy in a battered old Starship, Ian Higton is ready to give his verdict on No Man’s Sky VR gameplay in this No Man’s Sky VR review! All opinions are based on playtime on the launch day of No Man’s Sky Beyond and Ian played the game using a PS4 Pro and a Gen 1 PSVR headset. SPAAAAAAAYYYCE!

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34 thoughts on “No Man's Sky VR Review – Ians VR Corner (No Man's Sky PSVR gameplay)”

  1. I see you moving aroud freely there.
    Got my NMS today on PS4 VR and i only can move by teleport.
    Is this something you can change, or is it "a feature" for the ps4 vr version you cannot disable?

  2. VR graphics are reminiscent of the original game release graphics much to work on but this said if we look at the current standard version and how far the developers have come I have no concerns
    Can't wait for aditional updates I love this game
    Keep up the stellar work guys
    119 game hrs here how about you guys

  3. Sadly I've not yet been able to get into NMS in PSVR. Maybe it's because I only have a DS4 because I've not been able to get any move controllers, but it's been a very clunky and frustrating experience so far.

  4. I have one thing that I found really strange and doesn't quite work. Why the hell the on foot ui don't move around with head tracking? I mean I figures that the HUD supposed to be from your helmet right. That thing is not the fixed clear dome type that would have that kind of HUD interface but more of the typical full face helmet that would normally has the HUD stays in front of you normally

  5. I bought this specifically for VR, but don't want my first experience to be disappointing. The last time I checked, the game was at version 2.09. Could someone tell me if they've released a patch that fixes the blurriness, even if just a little bit?

  6. Although the criticism with the blur is justified. I was dissapointed at first but eventually you do adjust to it as it's very smooth. Absolutely loving the game right now. Bit bonkers that the pc version is a mess.

  7. After playing the game on my new 4K tv I definitely can’t handle the downgrade the VR version brings to the table. But my biggest gripe is the controls. In my humble opinion Skyrim has the best controller option for a VR game on PS4. I don’t like I still have to use motion controls on the DS4 by default. With no option to disable them.

  8. The Blur is probably not No Man's Sky's fault, since every PSVR game I have played is slightly blurry, especially Skyrim.
    It's well worth it for the smooth performrmance and the level of immersion with move control IMO.

  9. This is probably the best thing I’ve played in VR – I haven’t found the blur to be too bad at all! It’s not as crisp and beautiful as the pspro flat version but the sense of scale in Vr is something else.

    Definitely agree with other comments about flying – rest the controller on your knee and it’s way more stable

    I’ve actually enjoyed the base game on launch but it just gets better and better


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