8K Standalone VR headset – Skyworth V901 Review 🤓 6DoF w/ wireless charging?


Today, I am going to review another new stand-alone VR headset – the Skyworth V901. The most impressive feature of the Skyworth is 8K hardware video decoding with a true 4K screen. This is the only stand-alone VR headset that can natively play 8K monoscopic 360 videos and 6K stereoscopic 3D 360 videos. Other cool features including wireless charging, hardware encryption, 6DoF with Nolo upgrade that can play PC SteamVR games and much more.

⏰Timestamps for your viewing convenience:

2:22 – Why we need 8K 360 playbacks?
3:26 – Specs comparison: Skyworth V901 / Pico G2 4K / Oculus Go
3:40 – FOV
4:01 – 4K LED panel as screen
4:25 – CPU + GPU of Skyworth
5:05 – Wearing & comfortability
5:29 – Ambisonic sound
6:25 – Battery and wireless charging
7:04 – Hardware Encryption
7:33 – Viveport + 6DoF integration with Nolo to play PC VR games on SteamVR
8:50 – Price
9:28 – Issues
9:49 – Video formats and best render tutorial (Adobe Premiere or FFMPEG)

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38 thoughts on “8K Standalone VR headset – Skyworth V901 Review 🤓 6DoF w/ wireless charging?”

  1. Hey short question is ist possible to import the Headset to Germany? Or würde can i bought it. Can i sideload the Oculus Go Apps Like deovr or Sky VR Player for watching content? Thx Like your content, good Work.

  2. Will someone help me with these questions? Can you use wireless Headphones/Earbuds with this unit? Also, can you load 3D videos downloaded from the internet like how one is able to do with the Galaxy V? I want to upgrade from the Galaxy VR to a VR Headset that doesn't require a Phone.

  3. Hugh, another wonderful review! Thank you so much for your thorough analyses! Any further info on when the V901 will be available and where to order? Also, how would you compare the video quality of the Pico 4K using the Visbit service compared to the Skyworth V901 without Visbit? Thanks again!!

  4. Great review Hugh, what are your thoughts on the Pimax 5K XR and the upcoming newer version of the Pimax 8k? Have you been able to test any of these headsets? I know they are much more expensive…

  5. Hi Hugh,

    Thank you again for your advice, but I still have some questions:

    – My company only makes aerial 360 ° videos in 8K 60FPS with the insta 360 pro 2, and the goal and to have the best image quality in a VR headset, to show these videos in theater mode on multiple events , I would like to have your precise opinion, which VR headset would you advise me to have the maximum of visual quality?

    – I think I must use visbit to have the theater mode and the kiosk mode and especially to optimize the rendering of my videos, is this the right choice?

    – Customers will be on swivel seats, type "cinema", with the VR headset to install by myself, and the headphones … But this is not practical (because I want to immerge my customers) would you have a solution or a product to advise me?

    – The purpose of all this and to be the most qualitative in terms of video, and able to chain the customers as quickly as possible (installation / etc …), if you have other advice, I listen with Warning!

    All your advice, really help me, I put forward your channel in France, do not worry!

    Good day to you!

  6. Yay! Great review and it's amazing to see another standalone headset. Good to see competitors to Oculus that will hopefully push them to produce the Oculus Go 2 with 8K 3D, expandable memory, and a porn hider!

  7. This comment is for SkyWorth Team. If they sent a demo headset to Hugh, they should probably read the comments of his video. If you want people to use your headset, it should be easy to use. Hugh didn't talk about Kiosk Mode and the ability to watch content without controller. He did talk about it in the comments. If you want people to use it, you should definitely propose and Kiosk Mode solution to watch videos with your headset. It is so complicated to educate people to watch 360 videos with something they never tried before. Thank you.

  8. Hi Hugh. I have tried these goggles at IVRPA Belfast this year. I have watched Air Pano's and other videos – 8k and 4k one after each other. Yes, the 8k quality is noticebly better than 4k. However, the user interface on the goggles i checked was far worse than ocukus go. The glasses do not have a hand joystick – you have to point with our head to type or enter anything. I tried to run my virtual tours via native browser – which i hardly found while everything was in chinese. And when i did find the browser it was not capable showing the content. Later at IVRPA Belfast cinema i watched more videos and found this headset very uncomfortable compared to Oculus Go. Personally i do not need wireless charging – i can use cable instead. The speakers you mentioned – not that big of a deal while no inbiult speakers will match headphone quality. So also nothing new. And last but not the least – Ocukus Go is a big company owned by Facebook which has a huge know how. Skyworth is a new one, maybe they will release other versions, maybe no – who knows. Maybe they will ditch it lime Yi360vr did. To sum up – this head seat is good only for 8k video but has lots of downsides. Most clients do not see the difference until they they see 4k and 8k side by side. Only for 8k video and only knowing about the terrible user interface. This is my experience. However, a good review talking about the spec. side, but not about other things. Cheers! 🙂

  9. Hi Hugh, congratulations again for your work, I'd like to know the approximate release date? In France too?

    Do you think this is one of the best headphones for viewing high-end VR content without external software?

    Can a kioske mode or theater mode come on this headset?

    Thank you for all your answers, good to you!


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