Oculus Quest Superhot VR Review – The Best Way To Play


Today on BMF we have an Oculus Quest Superhot VR Review. I’m telling you, everyone, this Quest is THE BEST place to play Superhot VR. And that’s no joke.

Want to give Superhot VR a go? Check it out here – https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/1921533091289407

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18 thoughts on “Oculus Quest Superhot VR Review – The Best Way To Play”

  1. I got my Quest yesterday, and this was the first game I played. I love it! I'm always sweating a lot after playing it, and you were right about having to readjust to how time actually works.

  2. i have been having trouble wearing the quest longer then 20mins lately . i can wear my vive all day no prob. and i could wear the quest for longer at first. dont know what happend. i tired redoing the straps, i need differnt style face hugger part (pain in back of the head and forehead)

  3. Oculus has to increase the amount of games they have. Psvr has a new game or two almost every week. Everyday I check the Quest store and it's the same as last week. No sales and no new games. They really need to increase their content if they expect people to stay around.


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