Sairento VR | PSVR Review


If you thought Spider-Man Far From Home or Windlands gave you and insane amount of freedom in VR – you need to play this game.
Sairento VR will blow your mind. 😀

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37 thoughts on “Sairento VR | PSVR Review”

  1. As this game is 'On Sale' at the store, I knew I had to find the definitive review and PSVR Without Parole NEVER disappoints. I agree with the developers just letting folks play and "comfort features" be damned. I know… some folks get queasy in VR and don't actually need to be doing anything at the time to be sick, but we hardcore VR users love free movement. Teleportation, click turning and the like "takes you out of the experience".
    Example: PSVR has a title called 'Endspace' that I LOVED on the Samsung VR headset. I even corresponded with the ONE MAN shop that developed it. It was awesome. With one stick you controlled your ship and the other controlled your 360 degree weapons module (think The Last Starfighter). I don't get motion sickness, nausea or vertigo easily… it was like an intense flight sim. And it was AMAZING! Played the short campaign dozens of times and then stopped using Samsung VR altogether. Fast forward and I saw it on the Playstation store and figured I would "show my support". The only thing the PSVR version shared was some base graphics and a name. Comfort controls aplenty ruined a classic because developers want everyone to buy/ play VR games when actually some folks shouldn't. A sad realization, but true. People that get motion sickness while riding in a car shouldn't be the group that VR developers are designing for.

  2. This game is addictive. Had been looking at this game and decided to buy it last Nov, and boy was I stunned off the gameplay after learning the controller's. I can't stop playing this game.

  3. Holy crap I had no Idea this was coming to PSVR! I didn't think it was capable! This was the second ever VR game I ever played when I first tried it on my friends Vive and I lost so many hours in it. Instant buy (if you can handle the movement) I swear!!

  4. The minus points are too big of a factor for me to buy, unless it's on sale. Weak and unimpressive compaign, missing very important options such as PvE and PvP.. these two points alone are a huge minus for me. Thank you for this review, it helped me make my decision. Let's not forget that a good review is there for people to be informed so they can make decisions that benefits them. Reviews are not there to hype you up, like some kind of marketing scheme.

  5. I must say I recently emailed Perp games about purchasing this game and I can’t begin to explain how helpful and attentive they are. You know me I always find a way to send multiple messages instead of simply asking all my questions in one. (Smh ADD?) and they got back to me rite away and walked me through the pay pal process. Great people and will get a lot of business from me.

  6. How the hell do you even get started. Cannot get a level or tutorial level going or even options? How do you even get started? Tried every button and cannot get anywhere. Cam jump, etc and turn inside the building, but cannot select any level difficulty etc. Out of my hand is the pointer. Can turn walk teleport but not select anything on the menu.

  7. This truly looks like a next gen game. Props to the developers, if you think about it, they risked a lot in making this when you consider the amount of people who get motion sickness just from walking around in traditional fps games. I couldn't applaud them enough.


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