Oculus Quest VR Is FINALLY Worth Your Money! (Oculus Quest Review 2019)


Check out Oculus Quest VR: http://bit.ly/2JqqEBq
GhosRobo reviews the New Oculus Quest, after going through unboxing, setup, and playing the Oculus Quest Games. Is this FINALLY the VR we’ve been waiting for? Find out here, and let us know YOUR take in the comments down below!!

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20 thoughts on “Oculus Quest VR Is FINALLY Worth Your Money! (Oculus Quest Review 2019)”

  1. No it's not. Not yet. Don't listen to someone with thousands of dollars of disposable income earned through youtube and sponsors. There still isn't a reason to purchase the Quest. All of the games are time killers you can find on your phone. You will pay $500 for the rift and $30-$50 on games you're unsure of and will only keep your attention for 20-30 minutes a day. It's too expensive for what it has to offer. You are buying the Initial "wow" factor. They also removed the SteamVR comparability so there really isn't much to offer.

  2. Powerful enough? It isn’t that powerful compared to its competition. The price is expensive for what you are getting. Let’s not mention battery life.
    No wires, no cameras, built in tracking. Being a stand alone unit. All positives. However, there are negatives. For me I’m yet to be convinced after doing 24 hours research.
    I picked up PSVR at launch. Three years down the line my experience of VR is mixed. Many early games/experiences were nothing more than proof of concept. The terrible ps move hardware without analog sticks hamstrung developers and gamers alike. The aim controller is under utilised and should be supported much more than it is.
    The Quest should be a must buy for anyone, new or current, looking to experience VR. The fact it isn’t tells me wire free VR falls into the portable marketplace along with the Switch.
    Personally I don’t care to or need to game on the go. I have my gaming room and enjoy spending time in it relaxing and playing VR as well as flat screen games.
    Your post was informative and fun so thanks.


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