Oculus Quest VR Cover Review


I review the brand new VR Cover kit for Oculus Quest. VR Cover make comfy and hygienic solutions for virtual reality headsets which I use daily on all my VR headsets. The VR Cover replacement foam and interface kit for Oculus Quest is now available. I give you my review on the two new products…

You can order a VR Cover or full replacement kit for the Oculus Quest here (affiliate link);

01:39 – Oculus Quest VR Cover Overview
02:28 – Oculus Quest VR Cover Material Surrounds
03:49 – Oculus Quest VR Cover Replacement Interface & Pads
05:23 – Oculus Quest VR Cover Benefits Hygiene
06:03 – Oculus Quest VR Cover Benefits Comfort
06:43 – Oculus Quest VR Cover Benefits Light Leak
07:13 – Oculus Quest VR Cover Tips
07:48 – Oculus Quest VR Conclusion

Let me know what you think of the VR Covers for Oculus Quest in the comments below…

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40 thoughts on “Oculus Quest VR Cover Review”

  1. I find the original foam cover to scratch and irritate my face, it's quite painful when wearing the quest, I ordered one of these hoping to solve this problem, I really love the quest and want to continue using it without damaging my skin

  2. 6:26 I have a question. Is it true that the VR Cover plastic is strong while Original Rift one is flexible? I think i saw in one video that it might be an issue (VR cover being too strongly fixed). Can anyone confirm?

  3. Unfortunately I'm teetering the line between returning me Quest and purchasing some comfort mods.

    The pressure it puts on my cheekbones/ocular bones is so intense that I can only play for about 10 minutes before it becomes unbearable. I've thoroughly adjusted the strap to make sure I'm wearing it properly.

    It just isn't right for my facial structure. I played for 2 hours my first day and felt terrible afterwards. I took a break for a day, came back and spent about an hour adjusting the straps. That got me about 30 minutes of playtime, then afterwards I had deep Red lines on my cheekbones, terrible pain and pressure in the Red line areas, and a tension headache that lasted 4 hours.

    In fact, it's the next day and my cheekbones/ocular bones are STILL sore.

    I'm really disappointed. I could spend hours with the PSVR and have no comfort or pressure on my face issues. I spent $500 and another $125 on games.

    I might just have take the "L" on the games I purchased and return this product.

  4. Got mine in today and sending it back. The nose gap is about 5x worse than the OEM piece. VR Cover does eliminate the light bleed from the side but the trade-off is terrible. There is so much light coming in through the nose now that I had to put the OEM back on. VR doesn't appear to offer a nose flap. AMVR is $10 cheaper and offers the same everything PLUS a nose flap.

  5. I would like to buy the VR Cover: Slim for the Oculus Quest, but apparently I shouldn't buy it unless I get the VR Cover: Facial Interface, which seems to only come with the VR Cover: Basic Set.

    My problem is that I want 1, or preferably 2 VR Cover: Slim's and the VR Cover: Facial Interface, but I don't want to buy the VR Cover: Basic Set in order to get the VR Cover: Facial Interface.

    Is there a way to do this, or not?

  6. Our interface is not compatible with the stock glasses spacer. Use our comfort foam to enjoy more space between your glasses and the lenses. / So can i use the glasses spacer or not ?

  7. You might want to tell people that when you add up the cost of shipping, VAT and the couriers insane charge for charging you VAT, VR Covers product costs nearly twice as much!

    Product: £24.44
    postage: £5.90
    V.A.T: £5.93
    DHL "Advance payment" charge (greed): £11
    Total cost: £47.27

    I have a much lower opinion of you and your podcast. which persuaded me to buy this thing – you're shilling for a very unethical company that robs its customers blind on shipping charges. You would have known this had you actually paid for the thing and not been given it for beign a big shill. Or maybe you just don't care?

  8. It looks like youre looking through Binoculars…. and that takes alot away from the immersion to me. Does anyone else notice that? The thick black outline around your eyes when on Oculus. It goes away when you take out the foam but then your eyes are right up on the lens. Maybe i need a better foam piece? It seems like it may have been there all along but I never noticed. Like maybe it's one of those things that I just can't unsee now

  9. There seems to be 0 stock available on the VR Cover store, I asked them when it's going to be available… hope to get one soon. Mike, you did an amazing job promoting this product and I'm eager to try this on !
    EDIT: Orders are available again, great service from VR Cover. Can't wait to test this []-)


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