Oculus Quest Review – Why This $399 VR System Is Worth Buying!


Oculus Quest is first ever truly standalone VR system, and it’s the most important VR headset to date–because so many more people can buy it. Don’t need a $1200 PC, no cables, no wires, no external sensors–it’s VR freedom and simplicity unlike any other VR system so far. Despite all of this, it still delivers on an excellent VR experience, arguably better than the original Oculus Rift.

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40 thoughts on “Oculus Quest Review – Why This $399 VR System Is Worth Buying!”

  1. I don't think battery life got mentioned somehow, but the battery life is 2 hrs while gaming, and a little over 3 hrs while watching Netflix/YouTube, etc. You can also carry a power bank and charge on the fly to keep playing if you want, or plug into the wall with the long power cable.

    P.S. This was on the main channel, but I decided I'll keep that channel to smartphone reviews and drop tests, and this channel for the rest of the tech products like laptops, VR, cool tech, etc.

  2. The next Quest (the Quest 2 or Quest S?) with hopefully at least faster frame rates and in an ideal world full Rift and Steam VR game compatability…. Perfect!

  3. Just bought an oculus quest and it is incredible . .but the eye strain is just a pain in the arse for me. I only get eye strain with this headset and i think im just going to return it. But there is no denying what an awesome piece of kit this is .

  4. Hello Giz i have 1 question about the oculus quest and that is am i able to download my games that ive bought on oculus previously when i had a rift or do i have to buy them again? cause im hoping to play the games that ive purchased for on oculus


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