Everybody's Golf VR | PSVR Review


With absolutely perfect tracking and an amazing physics engine, Everybody’s Golf VR is an absolute blast to play – despite some major faults.

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37 thoughts on “Everybody's Golf VR | PSVR Review”

  1. Its a great game, but everything you said is true. The camera should totally follow the ball after you hit it and some kind of campaign mode against other golfers would make it feel epic.

  2. Honestly, they made this game for the golfer not the gamers. It’s single player to give you a gold feel. There is no zoom and you stand there just like real time golf. I love this game honestly.

  3. Was looking forward to this, as I loved the Hot Shots Golf game I have for the PS2. But man, this game made me feel so uncomfortable. Not the gameplay, but the damned caddy. My first 'random' event was her sitting next to me on the bench eating chocolates, and it made me feel so fucking awkward. Probably going to have a hard time playing this one again.

  4. I just got this game with a psvr bundle . It was my first game to use the move controller for me , it was my second day " ever " to play any type of VR game . It all looked cool , I ran through the tutorials faster than I should have , the game took me to a reception desk and ………………….Woooooooo !!!! Hello Ducky Wucky! !!! The reception girl was a knockout ………….God Damn at those VR legs !!!!! Woooooooo Weeeee …………..Golf was suddenly the last thing on my mind . It was a welcome to VR moment that I didn't see " coming " . lol

  5. This review is funny to me because in 20 years or less we'll look back on videos like this one and laugh that we could ever play something so archaic. Not because the technology is bad, but because of how far this technology will come by then.

  6. You would think that a golf game would be the easiest kind of game to put in a multiplayer function, given that you are taking turns with your opponent. Still sounds like a good game though.

  7. I was so excited about this game until i heard its only single player. You gotta wonder what the devs was thinking with this one here. If this game was multiplayer it could've been one of the greatest titles but they definitely blew it here I'd fire some heads

  8. It’s too bad they haven’t let us have a PGA endorsed PSVR game … could u imagine madden.. or MLB19 in VR?! So many opportunities that aren’t being taken.. if we keep getting things like “cave mining” or the other terrible looking VR games I’ve seen.. their wish to have PSVR thrive wont happen.. this game looks fun though.. saw it for only 5 bucks at Fred Meyer 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. I downloaded the demo and the tracking was very bad ? How do I setup my camera the best way . On top of the tv or below? I tried everything to get it right but the clubs didn’t match ..

  10. I heard this game had a very small team working on it for 2 years. The majority of staff worked on New Everybody's Golf for PS4 and split up teams right after release in 2017 into a next gen team, DLC team and VR team.

    However, it's said Sony has expanded Clap Hanz since 2018 with more staff so they can work on something else than just golf. It was 9 years since they released Everybody's Tennis for PSP with story mode and 13 years since the PS2 version. If Tennis returns for next gen I can see it also get a reboot. There is a also a chance Clap Hanz try their own spin on olympic game in time for Tokyo Olympics 2020. Just a speculation for now but it's possible.

  11. Best dating sim disguised as a golf game I've ever played. This game is really good though, I've been down driving ranges with my Grandfather a few times and with the exception of the weight of the club it feels more or less the same. VR really is elevating sport games.


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