Should You Buy a PSVR in 2019? l PlayStation VR Review


As VR tech giants like Oculus and HTC create revisions of their Vive, and Rift brands, Sony’s PlayStation brand has found themselves more than 2 years in without major overhauls to their PlayStation VR line. But, is PSVR showing its age? Is there a reason to go out and buy a PlayStation VR, or should you hold out for the PS5 and its next generations offerings? Are Sony’s VR offerings up to snuff or are they worth it or not? Bad Bit Game’s host Joseph, looks at the State of PSVR and if its worth your money or If you should pass.


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  1. I bought the bundle from Gamestop for 250 bucks , the day before Thanksgiving 2019 . I got 2 move controllers, 2 games ( golf , blood and truth ) , demo disc . If you haven't tried Astro Bot yet then you don't know what you're missing . I'm 49 and playing my first VR games is like playing NES Super Mario Bros and Zelda for the first time . After playing Atari 2600 games from age 11 to 17 it was amazing to play Super Mario Bros on the NES. Astro Bot is the new Mario ………..its that freaking good . I always wanted to try psvr but I couldn't afford it and if you're on the fence about buying it …………………buy it . I didn't have any motion sickness playing mine , if you can ride a roller coaster ( without throwing up ) then you should be just fine .

  2. I got my used PSVR today off from a Locale FB Market for $145.00. It came with a PS Gun, 2 Motion Controllers and a Firewall Zero Game. It came with all proper hook ups and cords. I tried it and it game me a headache.😅

  3. I got my PSVR summer 2019 and I am super happy about it in any way!
    I'm not a fan of the move controllers, they really need analog sticks… theres a few games that are kind of relying on them and im not playing them for the time being. I think that would be my biggest con. I play Astrobot, NMS, Skyrim, Doom, Moss, Rush of blood, Wipeout and a few more and I absolutely agree with your end verdict here; I'm a believer ^^
    I guess the biggest con for some people would be the motion sickness part. Some are more sensible to it then others. I experienced it a little when I first started playing in VR but quickly got used to it.

  4. Getting my psvr in a few weeks time. You sold it to me mate. Job simulator is one game that I can't wait to waste my precious time on. Just in time . moss.. Res 7.. All look great too.

  5. there is no way sony will make any of it compatible with the PS5 verson .
    they made the ps3 and ps4 move controllers incompatible even though they are exactly the same apart from the shape of the connector.
    the standard controllers will not be compatible either.

  6. You made a little mistake. Actually PSVR display is one of the best concerning less screen door effect. It is very well known. You might be not have tried vive and rift headset which have a significant more screen door effect 😉


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