Oculus Quest unboxing: The wildest new VR kit


The Oculus Quest is a totally self-contained VR headset that arrives on May 21, but we have one already — and this is what comes included in the box.

Oculus Quest review: https://youtu.be/dkh7CvGsxUM
Oculus Quest vs. Oculus Rift S: Spec comparison: https://youtu.be/mBazNeDG4bM

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46 thoughts on “Oculus Quest unboxing: The wildest new VR kit”

  1. Twas the Night Before Questmas, and all through the ‘net”

    “The Gamers in VrChat waited alongside the friends they just met”

    “The Beat Saber Ninjas, beating levels on Expert Plus”

    “The Oculus Go Players, watching TV on the Bus”


    “They watched the clock, they couldn’t sleep”

    “Laying there with their headset on, thinking about VR sheep”

    “The ones who pre-ordered, they hoped and hoped”

    “That their purchase was worthwhile, and if not, they would cope”


    “Counting down the hours, until their package would arrive”

    “For this would be an event that would greatly affect all those who were alive”

    “The Gamers were ready, feeling totally blessed”

    “For this, would be the start of their new Quest.”

    this took me soo long to make up


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