Oculus Quest review: Best mobile VR


The Oculus Quest, Facebook’s portable $399 VR headset, is a movable magic portal. So we took it on a field trip to try virtual reality in the real world.

Oculus Quest vs. Oculus Rift S: Spec comparison: https://youtu.be/mBazNeDG4bM

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32 thoughts on “Oculus Quest review: Best mobile VR”

  1. 4:46 The only thing that will overshadow Quest is Quest 2. Even HMDs using XR2 and vastly superior screens will pale in comparison simply because they will not have the same level of software support.

  2. facebook did not launch the oculus, it was invented buy and stolen from bethesda soft works and sold to facebook so that Palmer Lucky who stole it could circumvent US law and effectively getting out scott free while making millions on the vr headset

    EDIT: looking into it more to check my fact I found that it was property of zenimax and they won the lawsuite and was awarded $500million and the whole thing is %100 true, so don't say that facebook launch oculus

  3. You were very meticulous about mentioning people wouldn't like it beibg2 associated with Facebook… I don't have a problem with Facebook but in recent years they have become the caner by banning free speech and promoting religious hatred among people from different creeds…

  4. VR is still not worth it imo. It will probably take another 10 years for it to look and feel like you're in another world. Gaming companies are basically going through a testing phase right now and all early adopters are just being used to work out,any bugs it may have.

  5. Sounds fun, but it still might be too much for some folks. As I already have the Vive and PSVR and enjoy both immensely (as well as my Samsung VR with my Note- free); let's see where this stands in 6 months, apps/ FB integration/ cost before investing again.

  6. Bottom line is that Oculus was purchased by Facebook and Facebook is notorious for stealing and selling your information. Facebook also bans people based on political views. Imagine paying hundreds for this gear only to have your ability to use it disabled in the future because toy go banned from Facebook.

  7. I like the Oculus quest so far from what I've heard, I can see myself using it for travel and having a blast and if I want higher quality I'll just head back home and use the steam index while the quest charges in the corner ready for another vacation or maybe even a party


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