Labo VR is the Real Deal – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)


Virtual Reality has finally come to Nintendo Switch via the Labo VR Kit! But is it any good? Find out in our in-depth review that explores the gameplay, VR quality, how it compares to PlayStation VR, giant enemy crabs, and how well the various Toy-Cons work, including the VR Goggles, Blaster, Camera, Elephant, Bird, and the Wind Pedal! All this and toms more in our review of the Nintendo Labo VR Kit!
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36 thoughts on “Labo VR is the Real Deal – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)”

  1. Didn't Amazon make their own cardboard vr thing? Is Nintendo ripping off Amazon? Wow, Nintendo! You have run out of ideas and are resorting to stealing other people's ideas! You are really losing the console war, aren't you? (Fun fact: I like Nintendo way more than Sony and Microsoft. (Double fun fact: this was meant as a joke.))

  2. What's interesting but also looks like it would wear out after your 1st usage And continuous gameplay later would be impossible. I'm not buying a console that can be destroyed by moisture

  3. They should just make a tracking camera that would be put into the dock and make new googles that work like PSVR, but with the Switch in, or just do a PSVR with the Switch docked.

  4. I just hope the nintendo switch gets a head strap and the joy cons can get two handles like other VR headsets so I can play super hot I think super hot doesnt have really detailed graphics so I think super hot VR could work.

  5. I'm sorry and with all do respect but it's VERY hard to understand your speech at times during most of this video. However what makes it more difficult even is how fast you speak without any real stops or breaks. So unfortunately for the viewer it can not only be difficult to understand what your saying but at the same time keeping up with how fast you speak honesty took away from your awesome content and great commentary.
    I'm not trying to discourage you in anyway or be a YouTube troll but simply wanted to offer the following advice. I worked in professional theater for many years including as an actor. Which is were I learned that there are many vocal excercises you can look up online for free even. Which I believe could help you improve your pronunciation, inflection and even tone and volume. And with practice can help you to be able to continue narrating as fast as you already do if that's what is most comfortable for you, but as you continue to do the vocal excercises and warmups before you record your video narrorations. And before you know it you and even your own subscribers will be able to start noticing the huge positive impact in makes on your already great and very appreciated video content. God bless you and thank you for taking the time to maybe consider my feedback and advice.

  6. lol its still pretty much carbard and with kids i bet they ruin those things within the first week. gets teared accidently stepped on. you want vr? get a oculus go they cost less then the switch + labo and has a much better resolution.


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