I tried indoor skydiving in VR


We take you indoor skydiving while wearing VR at iFly.
Read more about it on CNET: https://cnet.co/2xoJnIm

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24 thoughts on “I tried indoor skydiving in VR”

  1. I would like to try v.r but first I have to learn how to stabilize my body in the tunnel. I'm going tomorrow this will be my first flight. So I'm looking forward to having fun while I fly and also have fun with the instructor too. When I'm ready I will try v.r thank you.

  2. VR might miss the wind in your face during free fall, or the peaceful way you drift after the sudden jerk of your parachute opening up. But one thing it certainly doesn't include is the moment when you step out of a perfectly good plane and you briefly experience the profound moment of a major F-ck up. LOL Nothing like it.


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