Slow Mo Guys VR and The Room: A Dark Matter Review!


We chat with Gavin Free of The Slow Mo Guys to learn about their new VR mini-series that lets you watch their experiments in stereo VR180. Joey and Gavin compare notes about the interesting production challenges of filming and editing immersive video, and we marvel at the custom Phantom Flex 4K rig The Slow Mo Guys put together to capture their experiments. Plus, Norm reviews The Room: A Dark Matter, which is one of the best puzzle games made for VR headsets!

Learn more about the Slo Mo Guys VR series here:

Learn more about The Room VR: A Dark Matter here:

Shot and edited by Norman Chan
Additional video and photos courtesy of The Slow Mo Guys

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Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
Set design by Danica Johnson
Set build by Asa Hillis

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21 thoughts on “Slow Mo Guys VR and The Room: A Dark Matter Review!”

  1. First 20 seconds of the first episode and dude says 'I got this extinguisher naked and cut it's head off"
    Me: Umm.. what?
    A bit of dark humour is fine but that crosses the line imo.

  2. If the thumbnail was a chick in a bikini splashing into the water I would have clicked on the video instantly. Oh wait… I did click on it instantly already

  3. Is this also only not on Rift / Rift S? I'm getting tired of and increasingly annoyed with Oculus about this shit. It's just video and making it available for the Rift products as well should be less than a days work. This means that they either don't care about us or actively want to screw us over for some reason (like artificially pushing the Quest platform)

  4. Is there any reason this couldn’t be viewable on the Oculus Go? It’s just prerecorded 3D/VR video content, correct? Or does it implement some more complex interaction that requires 6DOF and more processing power than the Go can provide?


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