VR Essentials Channel News – Giveaways/apps/accessory reviews & more


VR Essentials Channel News – Giveaways/apps/accessory reviews & more

Thanks for watching today’s video which is a part of our Monthly channel update. Today we discuss all the free VR giveaways, reviews, accessories that we’ll be talking about and more.

Apologies for missing out on the Oculus Go Giveaway, this will be given out once all the lockdowns will be lifted around the world as we feel it would be unfair to pick a winner who is not able to receive it at the moment.

Fighting Clans – Oculus Link / Virtual Desktop Review

2020 Beginner’s guide to VR Fitness

Superstar Asis DJ tries TribeXR

OhShape Oculus Review – link Vs Quest Vs Virtual Desktop


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The VR headset as off today is the Oculus Go or we will offer a voucher of the same value if you do decide to buy another and or more expensive headset – so its all fair game!

The winner will be announced once all lockdowns are lifted around the world. All names will be entered into software or written/printed/placed into a hat and a video will be done when doing the announcement.

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18 thoughts on “VR Essentials Channel News – Giveaways/apps/accessory reviews & more”

  1. Got together VR from Sidequest it's quite small and the avatar model has very little texture. Have heard that the PC version is much better graphically? Don't know whether there is any more too it though?

  2. Congrats on the channel growth. Pity you can’t do the oculus giveaway yet. I’m sure a lot of people in the world who are stuck at home would love to be able to win one to help them out. I didn’t realise the postal services in those countries were shutdown too. I hope everything works out for everyone soon.


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