Half-Life: Alyx Review – PC VR (Valve)


The time is finally here – it’s our Half-Life: Alyx review! Read it in full here: https://uploadvr.com/half-life-alyx-review/

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14 thoughts on “Half-Life: Alyx Review – PC VR (Valve)”

  1. Tell ourselves we'll use Continuous Movement on launch.

    End up using the "jump" button to zip through corridors more often than not.

    Am I the only one?

  2. It's an amazing experience. More often than not, I was totally immersed in the game. The way you get submerged in a different reality is indicative of how far we've come as far as technology.

    Sure, there are still things that could be improved too, but this feels like an important step. One thing I did miss a bit was something like the open areas that you'd have in HL2, such as the ride in the hoverboat and the buggy, or the white forest in HL2 episode 2. Most of the time you find yourself figuring out the way through a building.

    Maybe we'll see some more of that in the follow up, which is almost a certainty (God knows when, though). Can't wait for more, and until that day I'll just replay some more Alyx 🙂

  3. NO Jump Button?? NO Sprint Button??? NO THANK YOU!!

    How have VR devs not learned that NO ONE wants ganky teleport in their VR games. Just FORCE full locomtion for everything. That is what actual VR gamers want. Stop with this hand holding BS. Only people using teleport are the ones that are casuals who never played VR before and don't matter anyway. VR devs just constantly screwing over hardcore fans for handle holding baby games where they don't want the player to MOVE, EVER!! So stupid.

  4. Some of the animations on the characters are awful, like they move more than a normal person would in real life when talking to you, especially that Vortiguant, HL2 made them look more natural.

  5. Looks like VR has its first true "Super Mario 64" game. It's first AAA masterpiece. And hopefully something that pushes the already healthy VR adoption rates.


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