Half-Life Alyx review: The best VR game. Period.


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25 thoughts on “Half-Life Alyx review: The best VR game. Period.”

  1. Y’all at endgad have some serious issues to make this after what you called this game out for. Disliked. Contradictions are ok. But how you guys did it. Quit and stop existing in this world. You guys screws up

  2. Ahhhh yes. The 'Love To Hate 'Em, And Hate To Love 'Em' strategy. You can't get rid of the fact that one of your own people bashed VALVe really badly, so you got this guy to be the scapegoat and say it's really good. Sounds kinda like someone changed their tune right quick. And besides, you know how much VALVe makes from Hats in TF2? One of them was like 12K in 2018. Not to mention the Pre-Order bonuses such as Left 4 Dead 1, like Bill's Beret. They fully endorsed profit and creation of Black Mesa via Steam Greenlight. It doesn't seem like they are very anti-consumer. That being said, that woman talking about VALVe being anti-consumer and thus guy talking about how it's the best VR game are two different subjects. I can only hope that this kind of shit stops. It seems almost two-faced, and I'm not even that angry. It's just I don't see a 'Stick To Your Guns' kind of attitude, which is pretty bad. That's all.


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