Half-Life: Alyx Review – Valve Delivers One of VR's Best Games Yet


After years of quiet development, Half-Life: Alyx is finally here. With hype on all sides—as Valve’s first full-fledged VR game and the first Half-Life game in more than a decade—does it deliver?

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7 thoughts on “Half-Life: Alyx Review – Valve Delivers One of VR's Best Games Yet”

  1. Passing guns from hand to hand and melee were definitely left out for a reason. I think it was a very deliberate decision based on play testing. Probably risk of people accidentally punching the ground or a wall and dropping then gun when trying to switch hands.

  2. Have I set something wrong or is this game almost impossible to play from a seated postilion..e.g wheelchair/chair?.. Continues head movement play/tracking doesn't seem to work at all.


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