Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! | PSVR Review


Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! is a surprising blast from the past for PlayStation VR owners, that’s an absolute blast – for an hour or two.

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47 thoughts on “Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! | PSVR Review”

  1. Worst game I have played in a long long time, should be renamed Dancing Apocalypse VR.

    No clue what you should do in it, didn’t get to finish the first level, and honestly I won’t try again, tracking is so bad somehow that you fail all the time without having any clue what you did wrong.

    Can’t skip cutscenes and it’s super weird.

  2. I guess i was the only one who thinks that they added too much to the game but kept pretty little of the originals and that the sing along seems not as colorful as the last game. I think Sega could of done better with this Dancing VR game. But clearly they should of crossed over Somba De amigos and Space channel 5 (i'm kidding)

  3. I appreciate seeing the price of the games listed in your reviews.
    There is one more bit of information I'd love to see included as well. How much space on the drive does the game take up? I realize that with update patches, this can change, but I think it's good to have the information available in some form, if only for a rough estimate.

  4. Is the calorie counter based on your actual movements, or based on the motion controller movements? Every now and then when BoxVR boots one of the motion controllers go spastic until I turn it off and on again, and I got the 1000 calorie trophy by playing with it like that once for 15 minutes.

  5. I love my experience and nostalgia I had playing this game. Going in I wasn't sure how the game would be played or the perspective. I was pleased to learn I got transformed to a cute back up taking reporter girl. My hands became cute gloves hands. I looked down and seen my stylish boots and miniskirt. Entering the first stage I hear Ulalabehind me, I turned around and there she was. Doing her intro walk up. It was so fun. Remember those old Dreamcast TV ads? "It's thinking. " It made envisioned that living inside your Dreamcast was a huge SEGA party, all your favorite characters were all having a great time. This experience shown me a glimpse into what that could be. Short or not I had blast. Current New release sale on PSN had a 10% discount. $35.99 . but even $39.99 is fine. I felt I got good quality VR title made with care. I will happy support this team. But a Jet Grind Radio VR title would be amazing. I replayed the original and HD titles on PS3 I didn't have time complete the VR game. But I still feel it's worth it. But I'm a fan.

  6. I tried the demo & I found the game really confusing, I think maybe for the same reason you found it too easy. Ulala calls out the moves & I do them, but oh no that's not right & I have to just stand there & then do the moves, which feels awkward. And when exactly do I do them, & how fast? Do I have to start the moves the moment the screen tells me, & at the exact same speed? Am I too fast off the mark, or too slow? There's a thing on the screen in front that seems to tell me how I'm doing overall, but what about moment to moment? Maybe it's because I play Beat Saber but the vagueness & lack of instant feedback feels frustrating.

  7. I am a little gutted that the game is so incredibly short, these series of games are so exciting and fun to play, and this game has some exciting and clever call backs to the previous games, so they still got it but I wanted more content like Space Channel 5 Part 2

  8. Review left me somewhat confused, $40 for 4 levels sounds awful and the game barely registers much, just where your hands are at certain times so for the choos it looked like you just left your hands out and it worked anyway. Yet somehow 7/10? Really? I love the videos and I normally trust your judgement, but I feel this score is getting a lot of nostalgia boost.

  9. Yeah, at CAD $54 ($48 launch price) it really seems not worth it yet. If free dlc down the line maybe. But for that money, I'd be better off getting audica plus the season pass.

    Side note: Crazy Taxi VR would be amazing!

  10. I was at the sega party at E3 years ago when Space channel first happened. They recreated the spacestation including dancers from Madonnas show as Ulala and co. I still got my SC5 inflatable wrist band with the TV belly guy on it. 40 dollars is still too much for this amount of content

  11. No, not for me this, am hoping for shadows Legends moss Blood & truth games, you get the picture, it's man thing, however I've heard there giving us a demo of this game!! I could be converted please note Could! cheers mate !!

  12. Sega is being weird with so many good IP's and they are doing nothing with it and they blew it with space channel 5 VR. Such a shame.
    How is it that we don't have a Sonic Adventure VR? I saw that someone actually made a fan made Sonic VR game. It looks totally awesome.

  13. As soon as I hear the opening trumpet fanfare to Mexican Flyer, I knew I had to buy this game. The Dreamcast era was so fantastic. I hope this game does well and, like you said, I hope it leads to more Sega arcade games making the jump.


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