Shadow Legend VR | PSVR Review


Shadow Legend is a beautiful, first person collect-a-thon that’ll keep treasure hunters glued to their PSVR headsets until the very end.

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44 thoughts on “Shadow Legend VR | PSVR Review”

  1. This game has the misfortune of having a name very similar to Raid: shadow legends (a mobile game infamous for their promotions on YT), I almost dismissed this game thinking it's just a VR version of Raid: shadow legends, thankfully i checked this review and realized that it has nothing to do with it.

  2. Just got this game and love it. It DOES have 3DRudder support now which is sublime. It also has a PS4 Pro patch for a resolution bump and it looks amazing.

    I like that you finally put a score on the game now. It's not an exact science but it gives a better idea of where it falls on the broader spectrum, and is great when you're thinking of sampling a genre if you're not too hardcore.

  3. Has anyone have any issue with recording gameplay with gameplay being delayed in the footage while the webcam is running fine. No matter how much I try to sync the webcam and gameplay, later in the video. The webcam is ahead of the gameplay

  4. I just played and beat this game today I gotta say I did not want to stop (so I didn't) I was having so much fun! I love climbing around the areas and finding the runes, and the combat was fun especially after I got Aries axe lol great fun game!!!

  5. Both the trailer and description on the playstation store are misleading. £20 or 30 something dollars was far too expensive for literally a few hours of game play. I highly recommend you buy a game like moss or if you want action buy skyrim vr

  6. Great game but seemed unfinished and rushed,I finished the game before I could purchase all the weapons(n that's with finding every ruin in each area)was a downer,but game is very immersive n a blast to play so I think its more than fairly priced just wish(n hoping)it was more of the game👍.

  7. Recently switched psvr to oculus quest and pc link. Deffo better experience.. Boneworks is totally unreal best single player vr hands-down. However firewall deffo has edge over pc fps like onward and pavlov at moment

  8. Got this game and I love it. The amount of exploration, and collecting, and in depth combat. I love parrying. And chopping off the limps of these undead dickwads! Great game for a reasonable price. I highly recommend it!

  9. A lot of the game looks like fun, but fighting the zombie creatures looks painful because of how many times you have to hit them to die. If you swing harder, does it do more damage to the enemies, or is it based on your weapon stats?
    I laughed out loud after you sliced the guy in the face right after he gave you the sword. =)

  10. Great Review as always, Can't buy this game yet in the uk, could be a warm up for Undead Citadel, if and when we ever get it?? Don't even know how much this costs in ££s, oh well we the unwashed will just have to wait for a while, in the mean time, I have some unfinished business with the Baker Family, Bye!!:0)

  11. I waited for your review after feeling so burned by Espire. After downloading it and playing for about 3 hours, I've gotta say, its worth every penny. So nice to see a good looking, polished and super immersive new title for psvr. Thanks for the solid review.


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