DOF Reality H6 Motion Simulator 6 DOF VR Review


DOF Reality H6 Motion Simulator VR review
by Barefoot Gaming (BFG)
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Motion Simulator for Home and Business

Feel every bump, rumble strip, and gear shift. Experience the g-force acceleration, braking and high turns that add incredible immersion to your racing and flight experience.

They offer 2 DOF (Pitch + Roll) , 3 DOF (Pitch + Roll + Yaw), and Full 6 DOF versions to reproduce automobiles, aircrafts, or any other vehicle motion.

DOF Reality Simulators are groundbreaking products taking racing and flight simulation to a new level. It’s time to experience it for yourself!

Computer Specs
Intel i7 8700k
GTX 1080ti
64 bit O/S Windows 10 Pro

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20 thoughts on “DOF Reality H6 Motion Simulator 6 DOF VR Review”

  1. I've always been interested in motion Sims for flight and racing and have watched many videos.

    With that being said I find a lot of people loose lap times because they don't take the time to run practice laps and dial in the motion settings properly.

    Just because it can move say 3ft doesn't mean you want it to move 3ft. You need to take the time to dial it in so that you get just enough movement in the proper direction at the right time. If I run over a twig in the road I shouldn't have it set to feel like I ran over a massive speed bump in my neighborhood. LOL

  2. Hi @Barefoot Gaming I'm thinking of buying either the H6 or P6 later this year. If possible which would you recommend? I can't decide. If there any big difference between the two besides the price and was there any import duties you had to pay and how much if I may ask? I'm also in Canada.

  3. i have a questions for you or anyone here. I want to set up two or three of these sim rigs and have it be in VR. my questions are, 1. are there racing games that can allow a arcade style multiplayer type thing like you see at the arcade? i ask because i wanna do this somewhere and have people pay to play so i need to to not take long per turn for every person. and 2. can you use one computer to connect three or 4 VR headsets or do i need one computer per every vr headset?

  4. Best explanation of the DOF so far. I was really considering this at one point to up my VR game, but the "reality" has set it (pun intended). For the price, not having a chair included or brackets for steering wheels or hotas is a tough pill to swallow, along with separate power circuit requirements. For a 200 lbs package at that price to not be ready to race once assembled, makes me believe this is not a home solution.

  5. Could it handle Direct Drive Wheel ?! i really would like to buy it if it does so cuz no other motion platforms gives you all these features and a perfect price at the same time


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