Sandbox VR Review – The Future of VR Esports


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Sandbox VR is the future of VR E-sports! This place has a bunch of different VR experiences each with their own look and play style. In this video 5 friends and I check out two experiences and have a lot to say. Let me know what your favorite VR experience is in the comments below! #VR #SandboxVR #esports

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16 thoughts on “Sandbox VR Review – The Future of VR Esports”

  1. No VR esports is not going to be a thing not even in the next couple of years considering you have to show up to a location to play these games and pay of course. And I don’t see these people being the pioneers of VR esports since you have to show up to pay and play literally the opposite of what esports is, imagine if a pro player in any field of sports had to pay just to practice. If they let you play these games with your own vr kits at home even than I still see it as not being esports ready

  2. I could see vr being THE esports. Where you could actually move and etc unlike normal esport games like cod, lol, csgo and etc. This probably has a better future than those games. Hopefully they also adapt real sports like basketball and american football.

  3. Hmmm, at first I had my doubts about SandboxVR but your review has me rethinking about it….

    Which would you say is more bang for the buck, SandboxVR or The Void?

    Are you going to review NomadicVR? They're VERY similar to The Void.


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