Xiaomi Oclean X Touchscreen Toothbrush Review- 360º VR


On location in a tiny Tokyo hotel bathroom, I test the Oclean X, an app-enabled, touchscreen sonic toothbrush.
**Select “2880s HD” under Quality (the little gear icon) and click on the video to move it and look around. **
Oclean X Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush: http://bit.ly/2YDcHYT
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48 thoughts on “Xiaomi Oclean X Touchscreen Toothbrush Review- 360º VR”

  1. Oh, Naomi. You do not brush your teeth properly with it. With an electric toothbrush you can't be too quick in your mouth with, you have to be slow and gentle. Not as using your hands.

  2. I like your 3D video. That was a new experience for me. I must admit though I am a man of Simple Pleasures. And I am referring to the toothbrush. Give me an old fashioned soft bristle toothbrush any day. Thank you Naomi you are the best.

  3. Hey Naomi you sexy Cyborg Wu, I love these videos , I may sound silly but do you ever take apart LED & COB GROW-LIGHTS. I have bought many …many…ok over 125… I would like to repair, or upgrade.. You would be a greT teCher!
    Ok if not no worries I will still watch….. But no peeking… Hee. Hee


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