Samsung Odyssey+ & Windows Mixed Reality VR Headset Review


Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Windows Mixed Reality is really just their name for immersive VR headsets. Samsung’s Odyssey Plus is probably the best one at the moment given its price point and image quality. See more VR: and subscribe!

Here’s the extension cables I used: (affiliate link)

00:41 – Windows Mixed Reality is just VR
01:13 – Price
01:33 – Recommended PC Specs
02:09 – Headset Overview
02:46 – Display Quality Impressions
04:27 – IPD Adjustment
05:20 – Fit
06:41 – Audio
07:13 – Weight and comfort
07:39 – Cable Length
08:27 – Setup
09:04 – Controllers
09:50 – Controller tracking issues
10:54 – Haptic Feedback
12:03 – Gaming: The Lab
12:39 – Gaming: Beat Saber
13:21 – Gaming: Crisis VRegade
13:40 – Gaming: Apollo 11 Moon Landing Experience
14:05 – Gaming: Minecraft
15:03 – Conclusion

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28 thoughts on “Samsung Odyssey+ & Windows Mixed Reality VR Headset Review”

  1. I just picked this up at the Microsoft Store on sale for a very low price. Overall I am very impressed with the unit and especially the video and audio quality. My biggest complaint is just how uncomfortable it it to wear for any length of time. The unit is very heavy and the padding flattens out and you feel the plastic underneath. There is only one adjustment which is on the back of the head strap but it's just not enough to get a comfortable fit.

  2. I cant for the life of me figure out why all these VR developers decided that the external sensors had to go. They got rid of in my opinion the best thing about VR, its the tracking of the controllers that is so important in VR games and when you break that immersion by losing tracking randomly it ruins the entire immersion and experience. Pavlov VR and some other FPS games I tried on the oddysey are like maybe 80% playable, The gun glitches half the time when I try and hold the rifle to my face to aim. So I returned this garbage and went back to my CV1, Which is still kickin ass in 2019, Currently Im saving up for a valve index in the meantime.

  3. the tracking is disgusting on the O+ it's literally a HMD killer. Don't try to play something like beat saber you'll just frustrate yourself and my god the light bleed is insane. I bought mine in February when it was $499, totally not worth it at that price.

    Pros –
    Very high resolution, same as the vive pro.
    Almost no SDE
    easy setup
    built in audio is pretty good.
    fantastic for sit down experiences like simulators

    Very small sweet spot You cannot move your eyes inside the HMD to look at things you have to move your whole head.
    massive light bleed even with large VRcover
    Tracking is very poor unless in super optimal conditions (and almost no one has super optimal conditions.)
    Controllers are uncomfortable and feel cheap (and uses 2 AA batteries each)
    Weight rests on your forehead and can give headaches.
    Short cables
    Windows Mixed reality software is horrible and getting it to integrate to SteamVR and Oculus is a pain.

    If you're looking for an all purpose HMD do yourself a favor and just get a Rift S. It's more money but you will save yourself a bunch of headaches. The tracking on the Rift S is FAR superior and the touch controllers are so much better then the WMR controllers. The O+ lacks sub pixels so even though the Rift S is lower resolution on paper it looks better because the Rift S uses sub pixels.

  4. amazon need to drop down the price everything cost so much i feel like it an scam website to buy stuff online soon or latter no 1 gone buy stuff anymore because everyone is getting old and they dont care about this stuff anymore

  5. 230 buck on amazon kind cost too much because alot of people dont have money to buy 1 now this day alot of people end up on the street because of war and poor people dont even have money to get the house

  6. Great review thank you. Strong recommendation to anyone getting motion sickness, look up sea bands. Yes they actually do help with vr. I didnt believe it either when I tried. Worth $5 to try it out

  7. Just sold my Lenovo Explore Headset because the Controllers are just not that good for VR Gaming. Oculus Rift does not have as good of display, but the Controller are light years ahead of any MR Headset. They should have done upgrade on Controller to be more user Friendly.


  8. Yes Lon our alien head shape makes us bad for human virtual technology. Time to break out the holographic headset that's one size fits all down to one micron. It also contains neurogenic sensors for all your extremities. 🇺🇸


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