Oculus Quest VR Cover Review – Is It Worth It To Get The VR Cover For The Oculus Quest?


The original Oculus Quest face padding is already really comfortable. So is it actually worth it to go for the VR Cover? Find out in this review!

VR Cover for Oculus Quest: https://vrcover.com/product/oculus-quest-foam-and-interface-basic-set/?itm=207

My recommended VR hardware: https://www.amazon.com/shop/mixedrealitytv

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16 thoughts on “Oculus Quest VR Cover Review – Is It Worth It To Get The VR Cover For The Oculus Quest?”

  1. The original feels like sandpaper on your skin. It's crap.
    VR Cover is a shitty company that will take your money and then let you know you "may" get the product in a couple of months or so because they have to redesign it and reproduce it first. Some BS about a "Nub"?
    No good options yet.

  2. MRTV was the 2nd one more comfortable then original and thin version? I think you got too excited about light leakage and forgot to mention about if thicker one has noticeable comfort or not.

  3. I ordered them and hope they will be more comfortable. For me the original one feels like it's made out of sandpaper. I can't imagine you find it comfortable but we are all very different I guess.

  4. Also drives me nut you don't have more subscribers. You info is great. There are YouTubers I watch them play Call of Duty and they have over 100K in Subscribers. Might be entertaining, but not educational like the stuff you bring every day..

  5. Just wanted to ask. You may need to do a review on the ability to wear glasses with Quest VR.  I have tried three pair of wire frame tight fitting glasses and used spacer and still get rubbing between lenses. I mentioned this to Oculus Support.  Am trying some different covers that may decrease this issue, and provide more clearance.  This issue has already caused some scratching on the lens.



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