HP Reverb Review – The Best Gaming VR Headset Yet? -See Correction in Pinned Comment


Karak reviews the HP Reverb the new HP WMR with a much higher resolution and a smaller form-factor than most other headsets.
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21 thoughts on “HP Reverb Review – The Best Gaming VR Headset Yet? -See Correction in Pinned Comment”

  1. CORRECTIONS: The pro and consumer cable length is the same but the pro comes with an extra VR headset cable(and adapter for mini) for connection to vr backpacks and it also comes with a totally washable face-pad.
    Sup all. Thanks for watching! Hope you dig the review it was a long long haul but I think it was worth it.
    If you like the videos and stuff would love to have you come by https://www.patreon.com/AngryCentaurGaming as pretty much everything on youtube gets demonotized. Got one of the best damned discord groups in all of gaming there. 1000 folks, gaming, b movies, all kinds of stuff. Either way though thanks!

  2. Really good review, I like the way you're making these videos, very detailed etc, very interesting.

    I was wondering : How is the HP reverb efficiency when you want to watch some flat or 3D movies with BigScreen or anything else ?

    My main purpose of this headset will be working and home theatre, that's why I'm asking.

    Thanks !

  3. I've been saying since the dawn of in-home VR that it won't be anything but a gimmick until prices start coming down to affordable levels, and I have to say that the WMR headsets are starting to fill that requirement for me.

  4. BRILLIANT Review.Was gonna go for the 'Valve index'.The HP Reverb is a 'no-brainer'.Can wear for long hours.The Res makes you Gush! Your game Video of the Pirates,had me 'melting'.VERY SEXY!!!

  5. I've been looking for a vr headset to use with my combat flysims, have all the peripherals such as warthog hotas and rudderpeddals and a ultra wide screen and head tracking IR but always wanted to add a vr headset, this might just be the one I've been looking for.
    Not available in Sweden yet but I did the bold move and pre order it…

  6. Hey! I loved this review. Your way of portraying the information is awesome. I have a an O+ and also bought a vive pro that I already have sold. I loved the tracking of the vive but visuals of O+ at better. I really have to look at the lighting in my room because I do have issues with my tracking on my O+.

  7. Been looking into getting another HMD. I picked up an Oculus Rift DK2 when they came out. If anyone has ever used an oculus rift DK2 and one of the newer models how do they compare? Its really hard to get a sense of how far they have come without actually using one. I remember on the DK2 playing Elite: Dangerous I sometimes had to lean in to read the holo display. Can you identify ships in elite from a distance? The fact that you could actually work and watch tv on your desktop comfortably is very encouraging. That was pretty much impossible on the DK2.


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