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Vader immortal is a fantastic titles to pick up along with your quest. It really shows what the device is capable of and really left me wanting the next chapter. Easily one of the best VR titles i have played to date.

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Vader Immortal is easily one of the best VR experiences i have had thus far easily making it easily enter my Quest Essential List. The fact that its an oculus quest launch titles blows my mind. Not only did it exceed my expectations in terms of game-play, visuals, and story telling and has left me so excited for the next chapter. Now lets begin this review starting with objective and game-play.

Without spoiling to much Vader immortal is a narrative driven game that will have you entering Darth Vader’s fortress on the planet Mustafar. Vader himself has been searching for you as your the key to achieving his goal which slowly gets revealed as you play through the experience. Speaking specifically about game-play, during your adventure you will solve puzzles, go on the run, and yes you will wield a light saber. Each segments of game-play feels well polished and very fun to play, weather your hacking open a locked door, climbing along pipes to escape, deflecting shots with your light-saber, or going at it with your light-saber in a duel it all just feels well thought out and functions as you would expect it too. Next up lets take a look at features on content.

Vader immortals campaign mode took me a total of 40 minutes to get through, with that being said i can easily see it taking 50-60 if your the type to explore and take in the atmosphere of the world they built here. Aside from campaign it also features a light-saber dojo mode that will you surviving through waves of enemies with increasing difficulty each wave. I actually found this mode to be very fun to play and much more in depth that I thought it would be. It certainly becomes a challenge later on but also feels super rewarding to accomplish a level you get stuck on. I will also note it puts you in scenarios you dont get placed in during the single player. Its important to note that the game also offers tons of comfort options for those new to virtual reality. Now lets discuss visuals and immersion

Vader immortal is a show piece for the oculus quest hardware. Im floored at just how good this game looks on a mobile headset. From the sheer scale of its world to the little touches of activating your light saber and seeing its glow, it left me absolutely stunned and dont get me started with meeting Darth Vader, his presence alone is intimidating as he towers over you. Now visuals are one thing but immersion is another, a game can be beautiful visually but in VR it means nothing without immersion. Thankfully vadar immortal manged to immerse me even more than it surprise me with its visuals. The story-line is engaging and interesting and leaves you for reason to be excited for the next chapter. The animations on the characters are so well done and really make you feel like they are speaking directly to you. The voice acting and sound design is top notch and easily the best out there in VR to date. I also have to give credit to the hand animations done here. Many objects you pick up actually let you grab them in multiple ways and its not something I have seen often done in titles before this, as little as it may sound that type of interactivity really sells you on the experience.

To conclude I feel safe in saying Vader Immortal is absolutely an Oculus Quest Essential. Every aspect of this game really makes it the show case title for the oculus quest and what it can do. Its not a long experience but its priced as such so i cant knock it for that. This really lets you feel like your part of the star wars universe like never before, it gives you the enjoyment of turning on a light saber and meeting Darth Vadar, that alone is enough to sell most people but truth is that this review is coming from someone who really isn’t a fan but now its got me thinking that maybe I really should be.

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  1. I worked on this title and more specifically the hand animations. Thanks for calling it out! I've been a VR enthusiast and an animator so coming together on this project was a dream!


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