BOBOVR Z5 | 2018 Black Model | Google Cardboard VR Headset Review


Not quite there, but it’s got a cool interesting strap design
120° Claimed FOV – 2018 Model

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25 thoughts on “BOBOVR Z5 | 2018 Black Model | Google Cardboard VR Headset Review”

  1. Steer clear of those kinds of headset (the cellphone kind. I have 4 of them. Then I saved and bought myself a quest. THERE IS NO COMPARISON. These 3dof cardboard types are just not worth it.

  2. I really hope you answer this, I really love your videos and I've been watching a few. I was wondering, would you recommend me to get this or the Ritech Vmax? I'm not exactly sure which is more immersive, I know almost nothing about these things, I do think that this Z5 has a higher FOV, I assume that's important? I'm using an Honor Play phone and I really need your help in choosing one of this VR Headsets 😭

  3. Omg I love your videos so… much
    u see there are not much option to choose from in our country when it come down to vr.but the local market does sell some shinecon vr would really help me if you review some more vr shinecon headset like Vr shinecon 6.0 ,7.0 etc
    tnx anyway i love your work. keep up the good work.

  4. After owning the z2,z3 and z4 i was exited for z5 but upon trying it I didnt like it for some reason, cant remember why now as it was some time ago lol but I know I much preferred the Z4.
    I havent been following new headset releases for a while so didnt even know of the Z6 being out yet.
    Look forward to your review Kommando.
    Btw, also a shame The VR Shop channel is dead. 😔

  5. Ooh that's the newer version of the Z5,

    I'm sad now, I cant use my Z4, my phone's gyroscope AND the accelerometer broke.

    I want to do VR again. ;-;

    The Z5 doesn't have the capacitive touch button because the Z5 has a Daydream Controller.


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