The absolute best VR headset on the planet


It’s a crowded field with Oculus, HTC, Valve and Sony duking it out for supremacy. Which headset makes you feel at ease with leaving your reality? Find out here.

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45 thoughts on “The absolute best VR headset on the planet”

  1. If i bought a VR headset i would want one that looked as real as possible or why even bother with the current technology thats out? all the VR headsets suggested above look like a original xbox graphics. I know of one VR head set that would best all of the headsets above but much more expensive. Star VR is the best head set with life like visuals none of that tacky 2001 graphics but will cost you $3200 for a set that will keep u in current graphics then going back 19 years

  2. If there's no content than it will sit in a box – cross reference with the top say 10 games; these units are expensive so you want to see some value, not one hit wonders …

  3. Terrible review. First Half Life Alyx isn’t exclusive to Valve hardware, it plays fine on Oculus. Second frame rates and tracking accuracy matter. The Index is hands down the best. The setup being simple is a dumb reason to go with a quest. Index sensors are not hard to setup and once their setup you will rarely have to touch them unless you bump into a sensor. Resolution, frame rate, and field of view make comfort of viewing the best on the index. The Quest is very limited in the available library to play and only does 72fps compared to 144fps on index. And if you are playing shooters where tracking accuracy, and speed are important the index again blows away the quest. It’s not even a comparison. TERRIBLE review. Are we talking to gamers or a bunch of old hags that need help opening a jar? This sounds like a review Whoopi Goldberg would give.

  4. There are so many problems with this video

    First, the obvious. The cosmos is overpriced, has bad tracking and is just bad considering the the index is just a little pricier and is multiple times better.

    Secondly, You shouldn’t just compare resolutions. There are different types of displays for vr headsets with different pros and cons. LCD is sharper, meaning that it has reduced screen door effect but has a permanent backlight while OLED has a separate backlight, meaning deeper blacks, but isn’t as sharp.

    Third, internal tracking is early and not many headsets have it, so don’t say most headsets have it, also the cosmos internal tracking isn’t very good.

    Fourth, the index controllers are way advanced than all other controllers and improves immersion. The touch controllers aren’t better.

    Fifth, half life alex isn’t index native and revive exists.

    Sixth, mobile version sucks and there are so many other things wrong with this video that I don’t have time to go through.


  5. Plz do not listen to these idiots. Best for money and gamers is PSVR. Hours of comfortable game play with little to no light bleed or window affect. And huge game library with many exclusive.

  6. TL;DR They have no clue what they're talking about so lemme do it for you

    If money isn't a factor and you just want the best of the best: Valve Index

    If you want a great VR and relatively cheap price: Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest

    your welcome for saving you 11 minutes of two middle-men rambling on about things they don't know anything about

  7. This is so cringy listening to them talk, were these guys paid to be this biased? "Experimental index controller, it's a bit much." What does that even mean? Are you saying the controllers are supposed to be like Wii remotes? People was maximum VR immersion and that's a huge part of the index leading the way in that. It's why the headset sold over 140k headsets despite the huge price tag. You can't play most major games with the quest or even the cosmos… it's not even in the same class as rift, rift s, vive, and index. If you wanna play any games but the limited library of the oculus, you still have to run the oculus software in the background. They are also saying the modular aspect and freedom of the steamvr system is a negative? He said only one VR game for steamvr despite it having the largest library with more than one AAA game. Besides the weak self contained headsets, they all have tons of setup. What the f-. I'm not even a Valve fan boy and these guys have no idea what they're talking about.

  8. ok first off, the Vive Cosmos is basically the worst of the bunch, going maybe ahead PSVR, Oculus Quest and Rift S are basically the same thing at this point, and the Valve Index is definitely not 2nd. It's the best one. Albeit expensive to get and use, but the BEST.
    Second, the Valve Knuckles for the index isn't "a bit much", however the thumbstick is a bit weak
    THIRD, most of these "exclusives" they showed aren't even all exclusive, like Vacation Simulator and SUPERHOT, and even for god's sake Half life Alyx. And because of some modders, you can basically play Lone Echo on a Valve Index.

    These guys have an Index and dont even know what they're talking about.

  9. This could have been a 2 minute video. The Oculus Quest is the best budget/midrange headset; it can be standalone or work with your PC and is the easiest to set up and play with. The top of the line is the Valve Index; the Knuckles controllers and insanely high end headset create the most immersive and fun experience possible, but that comes at a steep price. Playstation VR is 5 years old and extremely dated all around, the Cosmos tracking is hot garbage and it is far too expensive, and the Rift S doesn't make much sense considering the Quest gets the same ecosystem, same controllers, and more flexibility.


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