Vengeful Rites VR Review


Vengeful Rites VR Review
by Barefoot Gaming (BFG)
Twitter barefoot_gaming

The evil warlord, Dragore, has returned and none but you remain to stop him. Explore infested mines, ancient cities and other worlds on an epic VR adventure. With sword in hand, a bow on your back and powerful magic at your finger tips, the fate of the realm weighs heavily on your capable shoulders.

Computer Specs
Intel i7 8700k
GTX 1070
64 bit O/S Windows 10 Pro

Inspired Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


11 thoughts on “Vengeful Rites VR Review”

  1. Something that isn't mentioned in the review that I'd like the people in the comments to note is that there's a demo available for the game which saves your progress and carries directly into the full game. So if you're interested, you're welcome to try before you buy and if it's enjoyable for you, you can pick right up where you left off in the demo and continue your adventure. 🙂

  2. Great review! Also nice to see the devs in the comments acknowledging your points. 🙂 I love the look of the game; I was honestly surprised to hear it was only 2 people working on this game. I agree with Rob about the Zelda aesthetic. Good stuff all around!

  3. Since your reviews are always so honest, I consider anything you give over a 3 worth buying… Hence I'll be picking this one up. Good job devs, that score from Rob means he thinks very highly of your work!

    Cheers on another great review, glad to see so many comments and views so early on

  4. Outstanding review, really glad you enjoyed the game, and your criticisms, as my brother stated(He uses the deep dive youtube), most of your criticisms are some of the same things we hope to expand and improve on going forward, we just wanted to focus on the core stuff like level flow, systems, and interactions. Making the world feel more alive is definitely something we want to do, and will be sprucing up areas as we have ideas on how to do it in a way that fits those areas. Maybe adding some bugs crawling around, or eye candy to draw attention to certain things to make the world feel more alive. This is our first game, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, even if it's something obvious, sometimes when working on something it's hard to see the obvious.

    Thanks again for the review, and glad you enjoyed the game. Hope to see what you think of the coming chapters!

  5. Great review, guys. Very fair and in-depth.

    To address the things you mentioned not liking so much, we don't like them either lol. It is still early access and everything is effectively a shallower version of what we have planned. There will certainly be more enemies/types, for example. The pickaxe not being easily accessed is something we're not happy with and that's something we fully intend to address, as well. For the moment, we've just made it a point to not have gold ore in areas where you'll find enemies so you don't have to worry about putting the pickaxe away until you no longer need it, but we're definitely not satisfied with that. Getting hit with arrows when you shouldn't is just faulty collision in some areas which we're fixing as we find it. Glad you enjoyed your time with it, overall, though, and again, great review. 🙂


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