Zoom H3-VR Review, Tutorial + complete 3D Audio Post-Production workflow in Adobe Premiere


Today, we are reviewing the brand new Zoom H3-VR: the most affordable and easy to use 8D Audio / 1st order ambisonic VR microphone. Beyond just the official guide does, I will show you how to set up the Zoom H3-VR with professional VR camera like the Insta360 Pro 2. 3D Audio requires syncing with the 360VR video footage, I will then dive into Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 and show you the new features on how to monitor and work with Ambisonic audio. And finally, I will teach you how to encode and render for Facebook, Oculus Go, YouTube and the Open Web.
This is the true complete, independent guide of Zoom H3-VR. After watching this, you will feel confident in using this VR Mic on set to capture some immersive spatial audio with ease.

The Facebook Ambisonic comparison (watch it on Oculus Go with headphone): https://www.facebook.com/xiaoyuhughhou/videos/260098928033635/

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Zoom H3-VR: https://bhpho.to/2MtxF1j
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34 thoughts on “Zoom H3-VR Review, Tutorial + complete 3D Audio Post-Production workflow in Adobe Premiere”

  1. Again a wonderfull tutorial. Thank you very much. Is the H3-VR the right tool for live streaming with the insta pro 2? Is the sound synchronised with the footage you stream?

  2. Hey Hugh, I hope you can help? What mode should we be recording with the H3 -VR We're recording 180 Degree video from a ZCam K1 Pro – There are many settings -Ambix, Ambisonic A or Binaural? Which one would be the best for what we're doing? Thank you! Keep up the good work! – We're using Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 for post.

  3. great insights and great video tutorial, but my god your audio dialogue levels in comparison to your music are way off and unbalanced in the mix especially for someone who is focussing on audio..

  4. Thank you Hugh for the fantastic video. Can you let me know of the arm that can hold both the camera and the H3VR? In Europe they sell the recorder alone. Thank you very much. Cheers, J

  5. Hi Hugh. H3vr has it's north opposite to it's display. So I guess the display should point towards lens 6 of Insta360 Pro 2 for proper alignment of audio video? Lens 3 sits perfectly in the centre of the frame (7680 × 3840) and we always point it towards the action in the scene.

  6. Hugh: 20:05
    Listen inside your oculus go headset with a flat respond headphone, not your good looking apple beats by Dre headphones. I just don’t want you to be laughed by the audio professionals.

    Takes apple beats by Dre headphones off and slides them into the trash..😅🎧🗑

  7. Hi Hugh. I have the H3 audio I am playing back in 4 channel spatial audio. I want to add music that is just stereo "god voice" style to the timeline. I have the audio set to adaptive and I drop the stereo audio in and it makes a new stereo audio track but whenever I export though it still plays the music as spatial. Is there a way to do this without putting the audio though 3rd party software to export?

  8. Hi Hugh!

    Thank you so much for the informative videos, they are immensely helpful. I was wondering if you have experimented with using the line out and directly feeding the audio into the Insta Pro 2. Do you avoid using 3.5mm cables for a particular reason?

    Thank you very much

  9. Hey Hugh,
    If I only have one 360 ambisonic track (no lavaliers on my subjects) and they are speaking in different volumes, is it then possible to single them out and change the gain on each subject instead of changing the gain on the whole track in premiere pro?

  10. Hey Hugh,
    I'm still trying to wrap my head around 360 audio, and I have a quick question. If I only edit my 360 sound from my zoom H3-VR microphone in premiere (in the ambiX format), will the sound then follow the headphones? Let´s say that the sound is coming from the left, and I then turn my VR-glasses to the left, will the sound then move to both headphones, so it seems that the sound is coming from in front of you? Or does this require going into reaper/facebook spatial audio workstation?

    I really like your videos! Very easy to follow and understand 🙂
    Thanks Nanna.

  11. Hello Hugh, every time I import my 3d/180 footage into premier pro whenever I start playing/editing my screen turns all blue and then my computer shuts down. Do you what is going on?? Thanks, Andrew

  12. Hey Hugh, few questions. I am using the insta360 plugin to import. Do I need the plugin to use the panner? I recorded with my insta360pro with zoom h2n connected via usb mic and the ambisonic setting. I am not able to drag the panner on the clip and when I try to export h265 there's no option for 4.0 ambisonic even though I have 4 channels in the timeline. Any tips? Thanks


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