Cybershoes Review – A Good First Step For Movement In VR


I review the Cybershoes prototype the developers sent out for testing. I think it’s a good first step for movement in virtual reality but right now it’s not perfect. Thankfully, the developers are very responsive and are continuing to develop the product for backers and I look forward to checking out the final design in the future…

You can check out Cybershoes on Kickstarter here;

I received Cybershoes for free from the developers to play on the channel however I was not paid to make this video and my opinions are my own. Thanks for watching []-)

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43 thoughts on “Cybershoes Review – A Good First Step For Movement In VR”

  1. Why not design some sort of pressure system under your feet. This way you don't need to walk in real life. But instead you could use your heel or the balls of the underside of your foot to sort of drive your character forward. You could transition from standing or walking just by rolling your feet forward or sideways.

  2. I know this is an old video, but do you think (if anchored or set up in a "baby stroller styled" contraption) that you might use these while standing up? I know the dangers of standing in slippery shoes, but if you are securely anchored at standing-height (think the fabled Omni), would these support your body weight? Would they simply not know what to do? If it is possible, I'll build myself a setup for it, haha.

  3. All i do is walk irl and when i get at the edge of my barrier i turn my right joystick to the opposite direction i turn around to the other side of the barrier

  4. Considering all steam games can be run using a Oculus the shoes should work fine. I am guessing they don't work with Oculus exclusive games because they run on the oculus SDK. Most third party apps do not support it because it's unlike steamVR not open source)

  5. What about standing up and a harnas to keep you in place
    And a big satalite dish walking surface with the carpet?

    Its Just, sitting down in a standing shooter like pavlov would really mess with emersion

  6. This potentially seems to be an even better solution than a VR treadmill for most people. It's more physical activity than just using a controller but you don't have to be an elite athlete standing and running for possibly hours to play your games.

  7. I feel like this would take me out of VR, anything where I'm not actually moving etc just breaks the immersion. Less middlemen to just naturally interacting to the environment.

  8. Stupid design but good tech. Why can't someone just make a chest mounted sensor that makes you move wherever your torso is aiming. Seems like a no-brainer. You could even integrate it with the shoes to make you move if lift your feet up and down. If you lean slightly forwards you go forwards, and back if you lean back.

  9. Excellent review. Some of the other channels, like MRTV, went a bit over the top in their praise and didn't mention the drawbacks. It sounds like a bit of a rip off to me. I think I will wait for version 2 or maybe wait for them to appear on eBay for cheap.

  10. Really Cool! I like ur no BS review style… I don't have a gaming rig now(hopefully I can afford one soon) so I'm stuck w/ psvr for now. I will still Sub tho!

  11. they have always been on my radar as you say its a cheap yet effective resolution for walking in vr but i have long legs so ideally i would need to be higher up than you i assume (sitting here simulating the movement i have to raise my legs making my hips really hurt) this then worries me that i would ultimately just think sod it and return to the rift controller and the shoes would go into a cupboard next to dk2 and the leap motion

  12. Hello Mike thank you for your honest opinion about cyber shoes. I definitely interested in this product because, I play all my games sitting down and it is in the way to simulate walking in game. I am a Doom player. I deftly want to see more games have this capability in future before going out and buying a pair. Have a good evening Mike.

  13. How would you compare it against Natural Locomotion? Nausea's a killer for me, NaLo's worked well, but would be nice to do it seated + with no hands


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