DOOM VFR PSVR Review: Worth Buying? | PlayStation VR | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage


Is DOOM VFR worth buying for PSVR? We take a look at the PlayStation VR first-person shooter in our DOOM VFR PSVR review, and also showcase almost ten minutes of PS4 Pro gameplay footage.

DOOM VFR PS4 Pro Gameplay: PSVR Aim Controller vs PlayStation Move vs DualShock 4 Controls

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42 thoughts on “DOOM VFR PSVR Review: Worth Buying? | PlayStation VR | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage”

  1. The hardest setting that you're allowed to select with a new campaign is too easy. Ive played it with only the upgraded pistol for all but 3 segments and all the enemies projectiles can be shot with the pistol. I haven't tried it on the higher difficulties that are unlocked yet but it was still a very engrossing experience overall.

  2. How many times do you
    say 'Kind of' in this review ? Too many!

    Does it mean that whatever
    your actually talking about at the time, doesn't really do what it's supposed
    to, or is it just a habit that lots of other people have picked up, and that it
    doesn't really belong in the sentence at all ? (kind of)

  3. I tried it last night.. Games garbage, really bad controls. I'm not and have never really been a fan of doom as a title anyway. Halflife, halo, rainbow, titan fall and im done with fps really. I won't be playing this again. I'll stick to superhot and blood and truth until I get an aim. I really don't like Bethesda games. Elder scrolls has always been a poormans version of dungeons and dragons, fallout apart from the soundtrack is a little bit much for me and dishonoured while easily the best of their games has never held my attention to the end. Thumbs down Bethesda

  4. I found the controls to be god awful. At least with the psvr controllers. They make you turn ONLY 180 degrees when the console only supports front facing so you can't exactly rotate correctly.

  5. So it's same as 2016 as far as environments? Does the game start as same exact pathways you run like in 2016 or is it a diffrent adventure all together? Basically I don't want to play the same game I already bought a year ago

  6. Dualshock for FPS in VR? NO! … Move controller with teleportation? NO! … But the controls of this game would be perfect with one move controller and a navigation controller, although I think everybody forgot what it is… or was. And I'm not only saying that just because I have one and I can use it only as a paperweight nowadays.

  7. I’m not a huge gamer but I’ve been waiting for good FPS support for VR. This certainly scratched the itch for me. I was in college when the original Doom was released and one of the reasons I finally bit the bullet and bought a VR system was to play an original Doom level in VR. The aim controller is decent with Doom and I can’t wait for future FPS games to build on my Doom experience. Exciting times for gamers!!!!!

  8. As well as they did Skyrim VR controls, I'm Surprised these controls are as bad as they are. And Fallout 4 VR controls are bad too. Its hard to tell its the same people who did Skyrim VR

  9. Contacted Bethesda: reply…… please open a help ticket with our Technical Support Team by visiting
    DONE. NO answer. no-one actually but yeah. Contacted them directly via mail. Reply: Bethesda Softworks Customer Support is unable to assist with third party peripherals. If you encounter an issue with your hardware while playing DOOM VFR, you should contact the manufacturer of that peripheral device. oookay, and Sony Support directs you to some tiles you can click on which are not related to your problem, but hey. Well played, you stole my money for an unplayable game. I CAN'T EVEN FUCKIN TURN WITH MY F4KKIN MOVE CONTROLLERS!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This is the core problem. This is how vr is failing. It's so expensive to develop that nobody wants to be the company that takes risks on an unknown device. Until people start developing for it they won't learn what works and doesn't work, if they don't develop for it, people won't buy the platform, if people don't buy the platform then nobody will develop for it…and the cycle continues.

  11. This game was a must buy to me if you have an AIM controller. I've been playing the campaign on every difficulty, on my third plauthrough and easily gotten my money's worth and still nowhere close to bored with it.

  12. I have it. It's not bad as a VR experience goes. The move controller are just a lame though, because they don't support turning and require you to teleport around constantly. Haven't tried the gun accessory. The regular controller lets you turn just fine. However, you have to use segment turning if you don't want to get motion sickness. The regular controller works well enough that I don't find my self using the teleport excessively.This port pales to the original but it was a good start. Would like to see them continue to port Doom games to VR and make improvements to the controller options. I would rate it a 7 out of 10.


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