Record in 3D! SVPRO 3D VR camera Unboxing Review with VR footage.


SVPRO 3D VR Camera
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World’s first 3D VR camera claims to deliver stunning 3D effect in SBS VR videos. I unbox and review it for you to test wether it delivers. With sample VR footage.

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20 thoughts on “Record in 3D! SVPRO 3D VR camera Unboxing Review with VR footage.”

  1. 3D and VR are two different things. You can have 3D without VR (this has existed for more than 100 years) and you can have VR without 3D (most 360 cameras today). Does this make VR too, besides 3D? In other words, when you have the headset on, does the 3D image change as you turn your head around? Is there immersion? Or do you just get a 3D video with no VR immersion?

  2. Two different AE and AF since it is just two separate cameras mounted on a same frame. So, avoid it. Wait for a proper camera design with sync the frame rate, AE, AF, WB, ISO.


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