Samsung Gear VR 2017 Edition Tutorial and Review


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  1. Whats up with the VR market ????? The standard is at 110 fov , then china comes out with 200 fov , …Why can't some one make a solid 150 fov ,90 mhz, 700 ppi 2560×1440 resolution , with a nice soft suede face pad cushion. like a pillow in a jewelry box …….

  2. i spent over an hour trying to figure out how to use the usb with my s7 edge…. untill i found this review that said it. Thank you so much! sub+like

  3. Got mine yesterday but had to return it as I noticed that when you look through them, there seems to be something on the far left of the view you get when you put on the Samsung Gear VR. 

    The only way to describe it is to image a horse with blinkers.  Remove the right blinker so now you only have the left one.  Now imagine there is a mirror on the left blinker which reflects the centre image.  I was seeing this and it ruined the whole VR experience.  There should not be anything obscuring your left and right peripheral vision. 

    Has anyone noticed this or was I just unlucky.  Will try and buy it again and hope for the best.

  4. Could you do a video/review… and have it project on a screen, so I can see what you're looking at with the goggles? And maybe show us how to navigate it once the goggles are in. It definitely looks cool… but I rather get your opinion on it then reading a review.



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