Rock Band VR | Review


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16 thoughts on “Rock Band VR | Review”

  1. You should hire someone who's at least halfway competent at playing games. Or at the very least you should've given THIS review to someone who doesn't lack a sense of rhythm.

    This review was absolutely awful to watch, and painful to hear.

  2. It would be cool if this came out on switch vr but it just got released and i dont think rock band comes out on Nintendo systems any more last system it came out on was the wii

  3. looks like an expensive gimmick. No skill needed only guitar??? just strum bullshit chords. Welcome to the VR guitar hero. !! why do they even call this ROCK band anymore?? its got more pop music than anything else.

  4. They have done it wrong…Simply have the gems coming towards the buttons on the guitar. Whats the point in strumming random shit for ages and not even playing the actual rhythm to the actual song?


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