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  1. Virtual Reality: Putting you right into the cartoon worlds you've always wanted to go to.

    …and for when you want to play a game with visuals almost impossible to distinguish from real life, you can just take the headset off.

  2. I've learned after playing the game for along time you get to be a pro with grappling that you dont have to swing stop…swing stop…swing stop anymore you can just launch yourself and swing without stopping. I also love the beautiful bright sunny sky and the sand on the wind in the distance. sometimes I dont even swing I just sit and enjoy the sight of everything.

  3. Listening to this review style now sounds like PSVR Frank: The Relaxation Tape Era.

    You're evolving at just the right rate—I'd keep the "Frank Show, whaaaat?" Intro you're going with lately and I can't stress this enough:

    Keep the flubs and outtakes continuous in the show, but maybe think about a catchphrase or saying for every little fuckup.

    I used to love to watch talent scream "Bob Saget" every time they blew a line.

    Just a thought. Keep up the good work buddy, literally watching old windlands reviews due to the new move patch because you're trustworthy as a reviewer and have a unique voice.

    If you ever are thinking about a Podcast, hit me up. I've got a big production background and I think you're tapping into the PSVR market nicely.

    Keep it up. You're headed in the right direction.

  4. this review convinced me, picked up the game -and loving it! Thanks Frankie, easily my current fav psvr title! Cant wait for more developed titles of a similar genre

  5. Props on realizing you can expand your hooks. I've seen so many reviews / lets plays where they never realized that mechanic existed. It makes the game so much more fun/easier. I'm not sure why the game doesn't tell you about this explicitly, a big fault in my opinion. Otherwise great game

  6. Frank you are probably one of the best reviewers on YouTube! So organized, So easy to listen too, So amazing. I'm so glad I found your channel since you will be my bible for PSVR gaming.

  7. This is my favorite PSVR gamd for me, but I think that there isn't enough variation in the visuals, they could have swapped some colors around.

    I also think that they could have added other gameplay elements to it like combat with enemies or puzzels and it would have added some more dynamics to the game!

  8. Really love your Bostonian accent Frank (sorry if that's not an accurate description). Your parents named you perfectly, it just totally fits your presentation. You have the potential to be similar Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation, as in using your nationality as your draw; maybe try a VR mafia insider type persona – you'd totally pull it off. 😛 Regardless, this Australian gives you the thumbs up and I'm glad I subscribed, especially after seeing your live stream cus you seem like a cool guy who genuinely loves VR as much as I do.


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