The Martian VR (PSVR) Review


The Martian VR is a virtual reality experience based on the Matt Damon movie. But is it an amazing companion piece or a quick cash grab? Watch the review to find out.

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27 thoughts on “The Martian VR (PSVR) Review”

  1. Back to where it all started for me… I had my PSVR and wanted to see if this was worth my time, which it wasn't as Bryan eloquently explained.

    BOOM I had me a new man crush and watched my weight in the Gamecasts, True or False's and Jeremy and Bryan's irrelevant tangents (very relevant to my enjoyment). I even had my own True or False list in my head, ready to take some of the burden from Alessandro. Time passes but I stay here refusing to move on, anchored to this video!

    I've been a little reluctant to watch the Gamecast recently as the early ones I caught seemed like 3 people talking..nay shouting over each other a lot of the time.

    Anyway, I'm about to disregard Bryan's warnings and drop £3.99 on this, then maybe play some Loading Human, Robinson and Summer Lesson. I need to go on my own Spiritual VR Journey to decide why I was so taken by VR and what I've lost along the way (I also think a lot of VR's immersive possibilities are being sacrificed for development speed)

    Will I ever finish my own VR Game?

    Feeling a little melancholy and nostalgic, needed to hear that review music track again!

  2. I got this and dissipointed it sucked i thought i was gonna get a game but i forgot to look at reviews after i got the game i saw it was 2 stars and i convinced my brother to get it and i played it be for him while he was sleeping dreading the moment he woke up to play it

  3. I paid less than £4.00 I completed this in less than 7 mins worst four pounds I have ever spent .I saw your review an thought it can't be that bad!
    It's worse if this was free don't buy it not worth the electricity to down load it!

  4. There has been an update to The Martian VR, it is now £7.99 and tracking is now a lot better, with a solid play space you can enjoy this game just as much as me, sorry for being such a Scrooge

  5. thanks for the review, yeah I was trying to Fathom what you were capable of doing in the game. I was tempted to buy it because it's 10 bucks but now that I see the trouble it is and hear what you said putting it into words definitely not picking this one up!

  6. Nothing wrong with it, just short. never found the isusses you had. you need to play this standing up.

    people moaning about the cost of this game, yet will spend a fortune on coffee or alcohol which is gone far faster than this game and got nothing to show for it.

    I have replayed it several times as i like VR and mars looks inpressive.

  7. It's so nice that there is a person (with a fantastic, soothing voice) who is reviewing all of these really out-there PSVR games. Tremendously helpful for someone who is about to make this big purchase.


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