Defender V3 PSVR Aim Stock Product Review | Take your VR gun game to a new level


The PSVR Aim Controller is one of the coolest gaming peripherals to hit home consoles and gaming in general, but it was always missing one key component…PSVR Accessories solves this problem with the release of the Defender V3 PSVR Aim Stock. Does this deserve to be apart of your PSVR experience lets find out.

Product was supplied by PSVR Accessories for review however, all opinions are honest and non sponsored.

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49 thoughts on “Defender V3 PSVR Aim Stock Product Review | Take your VR gun game to a new level”

  1. Wow,I didn’t even know this existed…I’ve been thinking about rigging up the stock of an old Nerf gun to my Aim controller with a hose clamp…wish I could figure out a way to put a buffer tube and a collapsible stock for an AR-15 on my Aim

  2. I just got this version that's for sale in England for £30

    I love it, the metal tube it awesome as it's strong & stays out of the way of the top button that a lot of the plastic chunky tubed ones get in the way of.
    The only thing I wish it had was some way to loosen the tube without taking the whole mounting off so I could adjust stock length on the fly, but other then that its near perfect for the price. It makes the AIM look way cooler too (not that it matters) when it's in an upright configuration it looks like it's got a G36 style red dot sight

    If anyone gets something like this I will say you absolutely should paint the metal, shiny stuff can sometimes make the tracking jump as it reflects the headset's lights.

  3. I ordered the stock, sheild, and hair trigger. It said 3 day delivery and got the trigger and sheild. Stock still not in after 2 weeks. Sending emails and no response on my order and where it is. This company is not very professional

  4. Made my own psvr aimstock with some pipe clamps, some pvc pipe and a shelf bracket for the stock, doesn't look as professional as the defender but does the same job at a 3rd of the cost, costing me in total around 20 aud. Having used the defender, it is a fine peripheral and a must for the psvr aim controller, however it is easy to replicate yourself with a trip to your local hardware store.

  5. I own this. Tried it for 20 mins. I found that my headset kept hitting the stock whenever I go to look down the sight. Tried attaching to top and bottom of AIM. Ending up tossing the butt stock in the closet lol

  6. I would suggest trying this in Solo play to get comfortable if you’re use to playing without it. Teammate tried it last night a took it off saying he’s returning it, but he can be a big baby and exaggerator.

  7. These things are to give you a more immersive experience nothing more nothing less.

    A game like firewall zero requires way too much cqb and that stock on your when entering a room and clearing makes it more difficult because it makes the gun stick out farther which will cause it to get caught on doors.

    $40 makes it 100% not worth it.

  8. Nope. Just nope. I made my own bottom mounted stock mod from an Paintball Gunstock. These top mounted mods are stupid. Like the creators forget there's a fucking joystick there. Idc that its off to the side, it makes it even more annoying imo. THEY NEED TO RELEASE A BOTTOM MOUNTED STOCK MOD.


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