$50 KMART DRONE with VR Unboxing, test and review


I unbox and test out this $50 Kmart drone that has a VR ( Virtual Reality ) headset. flips and crashes a lot without breaking and can be connected via its own Wifi.

EDIT: Looks like the price on the website went up to $59

Thanks for watching


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37 thoughts on “$50 KMART DRONE with VR Unboxing, test and review”

  1. I got one the same as yours about a week ago. I have already figured out: Turning the speed up to 100% on the controller will counteract a slight breeze. I took mine to the footy oval and with the speed on 100%, I had total control of the drone.
    At night as well. With the drone lights. It looks awesome and you can get some decent height out of it.

    Hint: Try not to fly it with trees around. I’ve had mine stuck in the tree, in my front yard twice, lol. So, yes. They can take a good beating and still be fine.

    Perfect drone for beginners. I would recommend this drone for anyone who has never flown one before.

    Only downside, is the battery life. 10 minutes fly time and 1 hour charging time. Frustrating but once you get the hang of it, even that 10 minutes can be enjoyable for all ages.

  2. I didn't know you could get a drone that cheap. Looks dangerous. When I was a kid we made hot air balloons out of tissue and crepe paper with coat hanger wire and a wad of cotton and alcohol. They flew several miles – followed them on our bicycles.


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