Detached PSVR Review: The most Intense VR game ever | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage


24 thoughts on “Detached PSVR Review: The most Intense VR game ever | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage”

  1. I've tried to find this game everywhere but can't seem to locate a place that sells it. And, according to you, it is available for the PS 4 PRO. Where the heck do I get my hands on a copy?

  2. Only thing "Detached", was from my money… there is a comfort setting/no option on a dark circle that narrows field when turn head (right toggle ps4). Very frustrating! I just stopped playing the game (thanks Sony! Out the money. Enjoy!)
    Sony & Anshar may write back, but…. no recourse. (So… some trust fund kid got sick, sued Sony, so now we all suffer? "Hey Sony… class action suite on not telling us, and we bought the game so is ours, is preferable?) No fine print, research shows in all Europe.US market. But… now notice when buy!
    Also… really strange (no fault to vlogs) but… every review… doesn't have this! Hummm… is because Alpha/test/got for free version(?)
    Very crooked. Would not buy (again!)

  3. Hi Alan here! This is the second time your review has sold me the game! Very detailed and presented on a very professional and high level! Many many thanks for making this video and posting on VR Spectrum! πŸ™‚

  4. Great review! I really like your detailed explanation of the various movement options. I was gonna give it a pass but the arcade option makes it more enticing for me.

  5. so weird that this is the only PSVR game to watermark a logo in the corner when you capture footage. anyways – really detailed review, nice work! glad to see someone actually test out the MP, couldn't get into a match.

    did you ever find yourself getting frustrated at the lack of guidance and checkpoints in the second half? seems like you had a more positive experience overall, and that's what really took it down a notch or two for me.


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