HP Omen X Compact Desktop Review: VR Backpack Gaming


The HP OMEN X Compact Desktop can be used at your desk, on the couch, or worn in the HP VR Backpack. Here’s our review.

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36 thoughts on “HP Omen X Compact Desktop Review: VR Backpack Gaming”

  1. It looks like you have something in the Mini Display port. Why is that?
    I have one just like this together with the HP Mixed Reality Glasses and I can't get it to work when I disconnect it from the docking station.
    Is the device in the Mini Display Port a dongle to fool the computer or?

  2. For those of you confused, you actually can set up boundaries with this. You just have to run the setup process connected to a monitor (face the headset in the same direction the whole time) then disconnect the monitor and out on the headset.

  3. The windows vr software has no idea where the PC is, you just didn't set a boundary. Also for anyone considering it: "Works with oculus rift and htc vive as well"
    The rifts external sensors still have to be plugged into the pc, so no backpack for the rift.


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