Have you ever wondered what would happen if you plugged a PlayStation VR headset into an Xbox One? Will it work? Check out this video and you’ll get the answer!

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36 thoughts on “What Happens When You PLAY PLAYSTATION VR ON THE XBOX ONE??”

  1. Is it possible to adjust the screen size like it is with Cinema mode on ps4? Is the virtual screen to big to see everything by just looking straight at it? thanks in advance. cheers

  2. If they would have just made it the VR headset from playstation compatible with xbox they woulda sold a whole lot more VR headsets Is not really useful when you can't use the VR system you're just watching a big screen I got a projector

  3. I suppose just plugging any vr headset will work but it won’t have that Wrap around feel instead it will be like looking a a big screen which is totally fine I want to get the pimax and just plug and play use the thing as a head mounted tv strapped to your face lol

  4. This would be great if you wanted to play your video games while someone else in the room wanted to use the TV for something else because the TV doesnt have to be displaying the console feed for this to work. Other than that I dont see any use for this


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