In this video I review and give my overall impressions and thoughts on Superhot PSVR, Superhot VR is available in VR and standard version.
Gameplay captured on PS4 Pro in HD 1080p 60fps.
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42 thoughts on “SUPERHOT PSVR REVIEW | SuperHot VR | PS4 Pro”

  1. Beating the game on Hardcore was… really, really hard. I also got a high score of 566 in penthouse and with a good room scale set up the tracking lets you do some pretty cool things. Well worth it with the update I'd be really disappointed if there weren't extra challenges

  2. I feel like this game is extremely limited on psvr by not being full roomscale supported. I played this on a vive and was able to move around so much.

  3. Good review even though it has some issues its a really fun game. Just hope they fix the graphics more to make it like the PC it's like turning your textures settings to low in the original game haha. Also this game is really fun to play solo and with your friends! (Not VR just like taking turns and spectating them) it's like you're making your own freeze time movie!

    Edit meaning turning it into the PC like graphics is the Oculus graphics just fix it to make it like it or better than the one we have right now on PSVR that would be amazing. Hopefully they change it.

  4. As soon as I saw super hot was on vr I checked to see if there was plans and at the time,no announcements were made and I forgot about it and I pull up the store and see it and I flipped I preordered it on the spot,I'm in America though so,gotta wait for a little while!

  5. tried it today on my PSVR. First problem: Area of movement: I simply dont't understand how far I can move – suddenly it's out of camera range, and then it's too late, I'm hit. 2nd problem: Tracking sometimes fails. I'm hit, dead. 3rd problem: Sometimes I fully smash with my fists, which is satisfying, and then it's just a soft touch, which kills the enemy. Needs to be patched as fast as possible. I played through it on XBox One, with no problem, but on VR it's a little mess.

  6. Hmm. To my understanding eventually you are able to move via throwing your gun and teleporting into it, that doesn't appear to be the case here am I right? Oh, perhaps that's the special ability you were referring to later on in the game? Thank you for the honest review. I've been looking forward to this ever since it was announced. Your review hasn't made me wish I didn't pre-order, but it did lower my expectations a bit, which, honestly, is probably a good thing.


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