Mervils: A VR Adventure (PSVR) Review


Finally, a third person action adventure on PlayStation VR! And it’s ridiculously fun!

Review code provided by VirtuviusVR

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21 thoughts on “Mervils: A VR Adventure (PSVR) Review”

  1. The graphics and response of the characters look kinda crappy, does this influence the game play at all?
    I'm thinking about this cause i might only give this game a go if it would be for free on a flat screen because of the way it looks and it's difficult to imagine it from a VR perspective fore me.

  2. I saw this on sale and have been wanting to pick it up for a while, came back to see your review and I said "$20 for 6+ Hours Of Gameplay…Definitely Picking This Up Soon" and that was a year ago….Time to actually pick this up soon 😀 Thanks for your reviews Bryan (even the old ones I rewatch, especially during sales)

    Also you need to force Dez to play through the whole game for a discussion, i'm sure he will love it 😉

  3. The Mervils footage looks so good in your review. I wish I could get it to work that way for me. For some reason it just doesn’t work. Always glitches out. Also how do you get the camera to follow your mervil? Mine doesn’t do that.

  4. Yes. Platform games work better in VR and for £12.99 on UK store has to be the best valued vr game.
    When watching the review, I nearly forgot it was a vr game lol.
    Forget doing HD remastering of old playstation games for PS4. Remake them for PSVR. Spyro would be awesome in vr

  5. I like how you have so many views on this 😀 I'm going to get this now that it's on sale for less than 10 €, just came here to check your opinion on it, I guess it's definitely worth it

  6. After playing the platform level on Playroom VR I was sold on 3rd person games for VR. Theseus wasn't bad, but left a lot to be desired. I could totally see 3rd person action RPG in VR.

  7. this sounds ace! what a recommendation, i'll definitely get this based on your review, i hadn't even heard about it before. i really wish more vr games had physical release tho, i hate getting the games digitally, even tho it's more convenient for VR since u don't have to remove the headset between games but actually i like doing that, cos it accentuates that feeling of going somewhere

  8. Honesty I got annoyed of that Woo sound he made every time he jumped in this review.. so I'm afraid it's going to annoy the heck out of me in the game. Thanks for the review. Might pick it up later.

  9. I'm enjoying it so far, although I'm stuck on one of the bosses right now. However the amount of spelling mistakes in the subtitles is really disheartening. I don't want to be a "spelling police" but this game was previously released on other platforms  and the fact that these haven't been corrected is a sad comment on the state of literacy in supposedly professional companies who spell like they're on Facebook. The dragon boss makes numerous comments like "YOUR the one who…" and "When he SEE'S….". I'm saddened.

  10. In the Playroom vr game there is a 3rd person platformer that is pretty cool. playing 3rd person games in VR is more fun than you would think. Plus it's an actual game and not a "experience". Good review man.


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