Cynoculars Review: How Does this VR Headset Compare?


Here is my hands-on review of Cynoculars, an As Seen on TV virtual reality (VR) headset.

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40 thoughts on “Cynoculars Review: How Does this VR Headset Compare?”

  1. Is it a 360 view ? If it is , do you know how to get it to a 360 view ? a 360 view is like in the VR SET when you move your head , the senery wohld be different so like ex . If i look behind me in a 360 roller coaster video , i would see more seats .

  2. 😂 It's a joke At all you don't realize this is like A TV you're watching on that virtual reality Like are you people serious why you believe that the Box doesn't So you that it's gonna be you watching something in 3-D.

  3. 🤣Well guess what it sucks because I only see 2 image and I was only realized then to try to press C button and Guess what nothing happened Because I was trying to watch a 3-D movie in 3-D And I knew why this would only be a cheap Virtual reality that sucks.😂

  4. I got my cynoculars before watching this video (and they were clearance, thankfully). When I got it and the remote didn’t work, I thought it was just because it was in clearance.

  5. Its really not that bad i downloaded a game that does 360 up and down it was amazing cool to be exact put on your Bluetooth head set and watch movies and games its worth the 20$

  6. i have a lg aristo 2 an love the cynocular vr…i can even use my case on my phone with no problem…in fact it helps keep it from moving around..and the remote needs to be programmed for every mode youre gonna do….yanno hold the toggle an b for game mode ..the toggle an a buttons for music and toggle and c button for video mode

  7. I couldn't get ones 4 my big ZTE cell to work, but found right app that did just not much on it or didn't find Tomb Raider I wanted 4 it like it slowed in the app. I t was cool, just don't have memory space. It was too hard 4 the big cell. A pain. Nice looking whire. Sad didn't check out $4 one at Walmart. It was Christmas 2017 or after Black Friday. I think they are all gone or put away after. I shouldgo back & ask. Don't like black. I should have gotten it. I just didn't want to spend more if had 1 already. I should have e so it wanted to take with me somewhere. The 1 app I found I could point,but it's painful & frustrating on neck,back. Narrow field on mines too, uncomfortable after a while to wear like all things, but mines is the best & very well made.

  8. I waited till after Christmas and found them at Walgreens for $10. I agree the controller was only good for volume control. It is comfortable and does a fair job with 3D vids and pictures. For $10 it is worth it. I can always find a Bluetooth controller for me iPhone on line. Great review.

  9. Cynoculars VR is worst product ever
    Headset didn’t good fit on my head however it got pop out and broken after i put headset on my head self. I was so disappoint and i brought return to walmart for full refund. It’s only for kids not adults. It cost $19.99 is so cheap that worthless because product is not strong durability. Virtual Reality $49.99 – $99.99 is recommend


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